Trump allies zero in on top DOJ official with ties to firm that researched candidate


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  • J'accuse

    I commend ABC for investigating Bruce Ohr's relationship with Steele as supported by the newly released documents. It appears to me that Ohr and possibly others were violating DOJ's and FBI's internal rules governing these counterintelligence investigations. This, at minimum, should be cause for concern. Steele's dossier was used as a basis for a FISA warrant multiple times and if the strict rules governing these applications were broken -- and I don't know that any were -- it would be a serious matter given that it authorized wiretap of an American citizen

  • Bill Paish

    Nunes, again. This man has one agenda, and getting to the truth, plays no part in it.

  • fmd160

    It's unclear why Ohr has become the focus of renewed attention from the president's allies in recent days.

    It's not at all unclear. They are working out of sheer desperation because the sht is really starting to hit the fan.

  • Bob

    Republicans protecting Trump. Trying to impeach Rosenstein. But not until after midterms. Sleazebag Nunes and Jordan and Meadows. Please Mr. Mueller nail them all

  • atta boy

    Anyone that still supports the GOP is against honest people & supports criminals & organized crime.

  • think before you type

    Can you imagine if Donald was involved with this on the other side, investigating a Dem.

    Many of you would completely switch sides

    From both parties

  • tj

    Going after Mueller is real witch hunt. Sekulow and Nunes are merely servants to do their masters bidding, except Sekulow gets paid. It looks and sounds like the DJT klan is getting nervous - that's all. Same drivel from this regime, different day.

  • chooch

    Talk about a nothing burger!

  • DK1

    Such desperation by the Trump cult and the GOP. More interest in finding ways to undermine an investigation because it may hurt their cult, than in knowing whether a very damaging, incredibly un-American event happened where the very foundation of our democratic republic, free and fair elections, was interfered with by a foreign power, possibly with the aid of a participant in that election. Proof that they don't care one bit about the nation, but about their "team" and their cult. Nunes comments just solidifies that GOP leadership has intentionally turned a blind eye towards it, and that the fake GOP investigation into the issue was nothing more than a show and a sham.

  • gypsy

    Nunes is an embarrasment.

  • P322

    Stop the witch hunt now.

  • Evan German

    This is the same old trump shell game when he is attacked - look over here ... lookit that! ... no not behind the curtain ... but what about? ... don't you remember whatshisname? ... ALL designed to distract you from the VERIFIABLE STATEMENTS being issued from the other side, also ALL DESIGNED to make you suspicious of the other side, when every piece of evidence so far points to Republican wrongdoing, including separating kids from their parents and (the latest) attempting to 'spirit away' claimants in an ACLU lawsuit against the government using the newly minted, just announced last week immigration policies against migrants and non-whites.

  • ruelph

    Trump allies are zeroing on top DOJ official and the majority of the American people are zeroing on flipping Congress in November 2018.

  • David Leja

    After the recording of Nunes' remarks at a fundraiser, I think we can come to a few simple conclusions. First, that Trump's Republican allies have put him above the party. Second, after Trump, what's best for the party matters more than the Constitution or the country. Based solely on his conduct and ravings, it's abundantly clear that Trump is very much afraid. If indeed he did nothing, he would have nothing to fear. We are truly a pathetic example of the country that we were supposed to be at this point in time. Politics are more important than our country. We've formed our little tribes composed of others like us with the same fears and attitudes. I would strongly suggest that the only things we have to fear these days are each other and our foolish prejudices. C'mon people. We can do better that this. Time to come to the middle from the extreme right and left and become one.

  • James Hurley

    Trump should be indicted for political corruption, perjury, obstruction of justice, cowardice, fiscal incompetence, and terroristic threats against US Citizens.

  • The Omega Dude

    How did the special elections go for you Blue Wave fans ?

  • Forrest

    Hillary and Mueller planned the whole thing and Trump has the emails to prove it. Look for the Dems to go to jail. Thank you Assange.


    These Trump people do not care about the law, the country or anything as long as they can shield their almighty president.

  • David Howell

    I miss the old days when we had Checks and Balances . That made the Government responsible to work for all We the People . And not the few that has bought them.

  • DeadPool

    Dolt 45's goons go down with him.

  • Samuel Ryan

    Once again let me explain to any trump supporters visiting this site that the Steele dossier was NOT the primary evidence used in the FISA warrants. It was a very small part of overall evidence of infiltration of the Trump campaign by Russian operatives.. This little dust up is a FOX/ White House inspired conspiracy theory meant to muddy the waters.

  • adamrussell

    Imagine, if you will....
    a Trump Opera
    like a modern day Hamilton

  • Susan Riley

    The desperation of the Republicans is beginning to really show, isn't it?

  • Priscilla Abercrombie

    Every day, every day. . . Trump's attorneys give us a reason to tabulate another move on their part to prove the on-going conspiracy to obstruct justice. Do they NOT know that Mueller is watching?

  • 40acre

    This might be of interest if the FISA warrant had been based on the dossier. But it wasn't so it isn't. Nice try though.

  • J'accuse

    The direct involvement of Bruce Ohr with Steele was unusual and raises questions. I think the issue will be whether the FBI and DOJ followed their own rules and procedures in the investigation. The FISA warrant on it's face appears to properly disclose that Steele was a paid opposition researcher but that doesn't mean rules weren't broken. The Inspector General's report should shed some light on that possibility.

  • Joe Leggio

    Trump is crowd sourcing extortion, witness intimidation, and obstruction of justice. Nothing new there. His trolls troll, and his sock puppet buds like Nunes drool. Trump wore thin on New Yorkers about 20 years ago, which is why he never ran for office in NY State, his polls were in the toilet. He was directed to disrupt the 2016 elections for his controller Putin, and was able to take advantage of the deep stupidity of the average American abetted by the Russian Trollfarm.

  • Educated

    ...Devon Nunes?....Lol, seriously. He thinks the Republicans in Congress should be protecting Trump instead of the country.

  • kobrakai6868

    LOL. When nothing else sticks, just go with a vague, non-specific accusation about the resume of the wife of a peripheral figure in the investigation. You know, I heard a guy who bussed Trump's table at Peter Lugers once in 1978 was recently seen playing Tetris on his phone. That can't be a coincidence!! If somebody looks closer, I'll be we'll learn this guy drinks vodka too!!!! Come on! WHY WON'T SOMEBODY INVESTIGATE!

  • PlanetDoc

    Trump himself tweeted (August 15, 2018) about meeting with the Russians: “This was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics." Why are his own minions now undermining the President's assertion?

  • krussell

    they are really grasping at straws now.

  • subtext9

    Before they go after Ohr, they might look into finding a rudder.

  • Valley Fire

    Regarding The Manafort Trial, Judge Ellis is very cantakerous. He should NOT be able to preside over a trial of this magnitude. A Federal Judge appointed by the President who is NOT one of the 9 members of The Supreme Court has to go on Senior Status when they turn 70. So, the way I see it, the last day that Judge Ellis would have been qualified to preside over a trial of this magnitude would have been on May 14, 2010, which was the last day that he was 69.

  • cptUSAG

    Trump is making Alex Jones look normal

  • Nearl45 61

    So after getting their butts handed to them by Wray, Rosenstien, and Sztrok... the House goes to the well again.

    Too bad for them the dossier is 100% accurate.

  • Weazerdogg

    No one should care where it came from, who got it, or who the hell paid for it. All they should care about is whether or not it is true, and if it is the worthless disgusting piece of .... should not be in our White House.

  • JustTruthPlease!

    Wow Weird Nunes and newer Trump mouth piece Sekulow teaming up?

    Nunes a non patriot who has commited enough dishonest actions to be considered as Obstructing Justice;

    And Sekulow who loudly and openly shouts admittance that Trump can’t answer Muellers questions because Trump will lie.

    Wow again.

  • Sarah

    Nunes might want to remember how he got where he is..votes by people! He is NOT a Trump employee!

  • dysphoric

    When your lawyers think testifying under oath would be a perjury trap, they understand you would lie.

  • gmannfromchitown

    It’s going to be truly spectacular when the Republican House of cards comes crashing down. I sure hope that happens. I’m going to laugh my head off.

  • thenitenurse

    It's a given that Trump is being blackmailed not only with the perverted sex tape Putin has. He also no doubt had numerous Russian backed loans. He is being way too nice to Putin who seems to have Trump on a tight leash. One would think all this lying that the president is no doubt taking a toll on his soul. Mueller is not going to allow Trump to charm his way out of his multiple problems. I think it's time for Trump to do a Nixon like deal with Pence and allow the country to heal from this terrible nightmare he created.

  • GarfieldRocks

    From the White House Classifieds------Now Hiring-------Fall Guys.

  • Ron Hedman

    Only a guilty person hires teams of attorneys to obstruct the road to justice by throwing up blockade after blockade to evade the facts. Anyone with nothing to hide or worry about, would go on with the job of being President and not worry about Mueller or the special council. The FBI deals only in facts, no matter what personal feelings may exist by anyone. Obviously T-rump supporters don't understand that's a fact.