Iowa man says 'maybe I was the last person to see' Mollie Tibbetts


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  • Grace

    Yes there are other missing persons in this country that do not get this coverage and it is unfair and wrong, but that is NOT Mollie's fault! Are we supposed to start to now ignore this story so we wont upset people? NO! This town is small and in the middle of nowhere so that is most likely why it is getting so much coverage. Usually these kind of abductions do not happen like this. It is a special case. It is unusual!

  • Hey Beavis

    Well, IF this guy has anything to do with her disappearance she's dead.
    He likely killed her somewhere else so of course his house is clean. Did they check his vehicle?

  • Quantez Williams

    Now that they've bumped up the award to over $300K, I think I'm ready to tell them where she is.

  • Sasha Payne

    NEVER seen this much attention for a missing black girl .
    : (

  • annalewis

    The last one to see someone is most likely the one who got her .

  • Personal

    I sincerely hope that family gets their sweet girl back. This hell they are going through is something no one should ever have to experience.
    That witness’s testimony is surprisingly detailed. I am pretty sure if I asked my husband what I or my friends or even the sexy lady down the street was wearing, he would be highly unlikely to provide that sort of detail. “Um, like a pink short thing, and um, a tight black pants.” would likely be the best we’d get out of him. If that.

  • Disqus 30

    He noticed a lot about her.

  • Jeff

    NEW RULES: every young pretty white girl missing story must include photos of 5 other recently missing people.

  • russ

    “You covet what you see”

    - Clarice Starling

  • John Casor

    The speculation from armchair detectives is ridiculous. The case most similar to this that I can think of is Holly Bobo and that took years to solve with absolutely random strangers as perpetrators. I'm not even going to pretend I have a clue as to what happened because the possibilities are endless.

  • Bryant

    These never seem to end well - I remember the case of Karina Vetrano (runner in NYC a couple years ago) around this same time of year. I hope this one does have a good outcome.

  • End of Life Ritual

    This story has incredible staying power. I'm interested in it but there are so many others.

  • truthanalyst19

    I have a feint impression that Mollie is no longer alive. It may mean nothing.
    Iowa is corn. Was she running past a field of corn? That would be expected.
    Corn is 6 ft. tall. The suspect could have dragged her into there. But the feeling
    I get is long tan grass. I don't feel she is buried in dirt. Not great as a psychic.

  • RE Almanace

    But it DOES happen -- ANYWHERE -- no matter how safe the area appears to be.

  • Turned around

    Wait. This woman isn't a pretty blonde. How is this news?

  • Mike D

    Listening to music while running dulls your situation awareness. The girl in NY was doing that and got ambushed. Get a pit bull, they miss nothing and are very defensive of their owners besides the obvious.

  • colloguy

    One way that people that run alone (and most people do) to be safer is to consider using an app like bSafe. It tracks and movement and location and records any sounds, plus lets you select people you trust to be able to to listen in real time as well.