Aug 9, 2018, 11:19 AM ET

Family of black man shot by Nashville police calls for justice after surveillance video released


Surveillance video released Wednesday by the Nashville District Attorney’s Office shows the last moments of 25-year-old Daniel Hambrick's life, as he runs away from the officer who fatally shot him after a traffic stop.

The July 26 shooting of Hambrick, who was black, prompted some to question if racial bias influenced the shooting. The 25-year-old Nashville police officer who shot Hambrick, Andrew Delke, is white.

In the video, Hambrick is seen sprinting away from the officer without looking back. Delke runs after Hambrick, stops, and begins shooting.

"The police officer chases him with his gun drawn. He chases him, and at some point he slows down, and executes him," Joy Kimbrough, an attorney representing the Hambrick family, said Wednesday at a news conference held at Nashville's NAACP chapter. "He fell to the ground where he was cuffed, and left there like a dog. If there is ever a case of premeditated first degree murder, this is it."

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI), the agency investigating the shooting, said in a statement that "Hambrick appears to have a dark-colored object in his hand." While no weapon is seen on Hambrick in the video, Nashville police tweeted out a picture of a gun on July 26 with the caption: "25-year-old man who carried this gun was shot by MNPD officer."

Nashville Mayor David Briley appeared at a news conference Wednesday as the video was being released. He called for a "comprehensive review" of Nashville's policing strategies and noted that part of the review would be to look at police staffing.

"We will be taking a very hard look at our de-escalation policies and use-of-force policies," Briley said.

The Nashville Police department has a de-escalation training program in which officers are sent to different parts of the country to learn new techniques, Nashville police chief Steve Anderson told ABC-affiliate WKRN.

"Now keep in mind, just because our officers are skilled in de-escalation procedures doesn't mean that they're always going to work," Anderson said.

The Hambrick family, along with Kimbrough and members of the Nashville NAACP chapter, were emotional as they gave a statement calling for the firing of Delke and asking that he be charged with murder. They also asked for a civil rights investigation and a review of the Nashville Police Department. The Hambrick family viewed the video for the first time Wednesday morning before it was released to the public.

James Smallwood, president of the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police, said in a statement to ABC News that his organization would have preferred the entire investigation be released at once to provide a fuller narrative and context.

Smallwood said the video appears grainy and does not depict an accurate portrayal of what happened. He claims Hambrick was asked to drop his weapon repeatedly and failed to do so.

"Had he dropped his weapon and just kept running, the conclusion of that incident would be much different than what we are faced with today," Smallwood added.

Delke was placed on routine administrative leave while the investigation is pending.

At the news conference, Kimbrough contested claims of the TBI. According to a TBI news release from July 27, Nashville police were searching the area on July 26 for stolen vehicles and witnessed a vehicle driving erratically. After an officer attempted a traffic stop, the driver fled. A short while later, the officers re-encountered the occupants of the vehicle, who exited the vehicle as Delke entered the parking lot. Hambrick then turned and ran from the officer.

Surveillance video just released shows the final moments of 25-year-old Daniel Hambrick’s life.Nashville District Attorneys Office
Surveillance video just released shows the final moments of 25-year-old Daniel Hambrick’s life.

Kimbrough said the vehicle belonged to Hambrick’s family friend.

Daniel Battle Griffin Jr. of Nashville's NAACP chapter said the issue is that metropolitan police are not trained on what to do if someone runs from them or if they can't see an individual's hands.

"This is not Vietnam. It's not Iraq. It's not Afghanistan,” Griffin, a veteran, said, insisting the city of Nashville is not a combat zone.

Hambrick's uncle, Sam Hambrick Jr., said he didn’t understand how Delke interpreted Hambrick running away as a threat.

"If I'm running away from you, I cannot be a threat to you. I don't care if I have a hand grenade in my pocket -- if I'm running away, I can't be a threat,” Hambrick Jr. said.

Nashville Chief of Police Anderson said that he is confident the Nashville Police Department does not discriminate based on skin color, but he finds the video disturbing.

"It's very disturbing, and I'm sure it's very disturbing for the Hambrick family to watch," Anderson said.

"You know, the death of a son to a mother is the same for her as it is for any mother in the world, and that can't be taken away. But at the same time, I can't pass any judgement. It is very disturbing, and there are a lot of questions that have to be answered. But I've come to understand over the years, having made this mistake from time to time, to make sure that I have everything before me before I pass judgement."

The overwhelming sentiment of the news conference held by Hambrick's family and the NAACP was a desire for justice without violence. Hambrick's mother, Vickie Hambrick, repeatedly expressed she wants justice for her son. A cousin of Hambrick's described him as his legally-blind mother's only child, who helped her and was about to start a new job.

"If you're going to protest, protest peacefully," Hambrick Jr. said.

"No violence," added Sam Hambrick III, a cousin of Daniel Hambrick's. "For the sake of our family, no violence."

News - Family of black man shot by Nashville police calls for justice after surveillance video released

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  • Nelson Hernandez

    I love the quote, "if he had a grenade in his pocket..." his ass would have definitely been shot then . ROTFLMMFAO

  • Badger Fishinski

    Again.. A man RUNNING from the police. How many times does America have to see this to realize that you don't run from the Police?

  • Justin

    the guy was running TOWARDS the school, an armed, convicted felon caught in the commission of a crime. That school was his best chance of freedom (hostage, human shield, lose him in the building) he knew if he ended up in cuffs they weren't coming off for years.

  • archie7699

    If you run from the police with a gun and refuse to drop it you are going to get shot. Why are so many people too stupid to understand that concept? Is there something in the water that makes them this dense? The man asked "How was he a threat?" I'll tell him how. Many police have been shot on duty because a fleeing suspect turned and fired. But BLM and their sort would rather see dead police and live thugs.

  • foldincaulfield

    Never mind, Jed. Let's not head back to Tennessee.

  • Tracy Fryburger

    Again why don't they respect authority. Drop gun when told. You are making up your own laws by not complying with laws. Disrespect of authority doesn't fare well with criminals. I think that's why their called laws not options

  • Cherie Harmon

    I'm shocked at most of these comments. First, if he was shot in the leg he would have fallen. You shoot someone in the back to KILL them, not to stop and apprehend them. All of these white cops MURDERING black kids and getting away with it certainly isn't helping heal racial issues. I see it almost every single day. A white cop MURDERS a black kid, and the Chief, (or whoever is in charge) comes up with all these completely stupid excuses and the cop goes unpunished. What kind of message does it send to let the public know that it's okay for a white cop to kill a black kid? Turn it around, what if it were a black cop killing a white kid? Not only would he/she be fired immediately, they'd probably have charges filed against them. We'll never all be able to live in peace as long as society feels it's okay for actions like this. Oh, and in case any of you are wondering, I'm a 63 year old WHITE woman, and this makes me sick to my stomach!

  • Because

    In the Congo (@ 1900), the Dutch paid for rubber extracted by Africans. If the rubber quota was short, an African lost a hand. The severed hands and rubber were given to Dutch officials for payment. Horrible, indeed.

    Didn't take long for the Dutch to figure out all they needed were severed African hands to get paid -- long walks in the jungle not required.

    Today, Americans are given paychecks and retirement pensions for whole bodies of fellow Americans -- dead or alive. No work required.

    No work required plus administrative leave with pay.

  • Furrmin The Cat

    The Supreme Court has ruled that police cannot shoot a fleeing person unless they pose a known threat to others, themselves or the officer.

    That does not appear to be the case here.
    And as far as the police finding a gun at the scene? That is an old police policy to carry a throw away just in case you shoot an unarmed person. The ankle holster is worn in some cases just for this.

  • Realpshep

    Two things...first it’s a bad shoot, if he threatening while running why not shoot him sooner? It looked like he got tired, got in his stance and just shot instead of continuing the chase.
    Secondly, they gotta stop reporting black etc shot...people are getting numb to it so when real cases of cop murders happen they minimize it

  • Dee

    I'm not saying the shooting was justified, but no mention from the family that he had just stolen a car and had a gun!

  • Richard Johnson

    Why are they calling for justice. Everyone knows the outcome. We know this cop will walk free. When will black Americans realize that the only way to get justice is to go take it.

  • Bad Seed

    Meh, no big loss to humanity...

  • ycplum

    Question: Did he have a gun in his hand?

    If he had a gun in his hand, he is a threat whether he is running away or not. It is as simple as that.

    I don't believe failing to obey orders from police warrants lethal force and the policies of every police force in the US agrees with me, UNLESS the person is a potential lethal threat. The effectiveness of a gun is such that it is always a threat as long as it is in someone's hands.

  • The Terminator

    Is this the story where the people in the car were involved in a drive-by shooting just minutes before? And the runner didn't comply with order to stop? Or maybe the guy was running to get the police a cup of coffee & a donut.