Stanford swimmer Brock Turner has appeal and request for new trial denied


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  • Paige

    ABC "News"? You are part of this problem. Your unbelievably ignorant opening line is precisely why the sentencing and the subsequent outrage in this case was so loud.

    "Stanford swimmer Brock Turner????  NO you unbelievably dense high school yearbook team of journalists.

    Try accuracy and morality
    "Convicted rapist and registered sex offender Brock Turner ".

    Idiots. Did you not read the victim's letter?  Jesus.

  • Bryan Spears

    "Convicted rapist, Brock Turner, has appeal and request for new trial denied"

    Fixed the article's title for you. You're welcome.

  • KM

    "Stanford swimmer?" I think you misspelled that. The correct spelling is "Stanford rapist."

  • john

    I speculate that Turnip would like to jump in the fray with a pardon, since Bone Spur man openly stated I can do anything to women ', BUT alas. . not in his federal purview.

  • Doug Blasco

    And for the rest of his life he will be required to register himself as a Sexual Predator anywhere he lives. Say Goodbye to any career he thought he was going to have.

  • DK1

    I kind of wish he won the appeal, got a new trial, was found guilty again...and then sentenced PROPERLY with extended jail time instead of the ridiculously light slap on the wrist that he got.

  • YellowParrott

    Good. and gets exactly what he deserves!

  • SpankyHamm

    As someone pointed out on Twitter, he is not "Stanford Swimmer Brock Turner". He is "Convicted Rapist Brock Turner" and that's how he should be referred to in any article.

  • Mic123

    Good, Its about time men are held accountable for violence.

    More should go to jail.

  • Tams

    I'm so confused.. He originally had 6 months from one judge and then only 3 months with the next judge???

  • The Outlier

    How did this BS make its way to court and why did the judge not tear Turner's attorney a new one for such a ridiculous attempt at appeal? "Judge, I did not intend to rape that woman, only to use her unconscious body for my own sexual gratification." Only rich people get away with nonsense like this, and I hope Turner's BS lawyer billed him into bankruptcy. This snotty little prince-ling should be in jail for 20 years on his unrepentant attitude alone.

  • Bud Simpson

    This pig isn't pleased with the light sentence he got?

    I hope that lousy judge recognizes that his light sentence absolutely had no effect with this entitled worm.

    I say give him a new trial. Maybe the new judge will get it right, because the last one embarrassed the entire judiciary system.

  • Quantez Williams

    Why is the alleged victim testifying? She has no memory of the night.

  • Quantez Williams

    The problem is that he has no standards. If any woman approaches Brock, he won't Turner down.

  • Kevin from Wa.

    I don't get into this generally...But i hope he has to register as a sex offender...

  • Judy

    good bye Brock

  • Colinalcarz

    The conviction was for sexual assault, the prosecution doesn’t need to prove penile penetration to get a conviction. The perpetrator does not need to have climaxed before he has committed an assault. Neither the swimmer nor the first judge seem to have grasped this idea.

  • Tom


  • Dicazi

    I hope any woman around him stays away from him.

  • tyson

    *Rapist Brock Turner

  • Robin

    Entitled brat go away. We're sick of your face in the news.

  • Impetus

    He's probably lucky he didn't get a new trial. He likely would have been convicted again, and with a more appropriate sentence.