Pregnant mother and child killed as conflict between Israel, Hamas escalates


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  • whitepine

    If there is a Jewish and Christian God, He needs to work on bringing peace and live to the country Isreal that He created.

  • rick315

    gotta love the headline if you are an Israeli basher.............truth be told.......who is responsible for the death of any Gazan following the launching of 200 rockets and mortars from Gaza into civilian areas of Israel? really, who? I guess the headline writer and the editors don't really care who.

  • MikeSanders90

    Israel is the blot of the Jewish people - prove that some Jews are indeed inferior to other Jews.

  • disqus_7Qw73LfCUQ

    Hamas asking for International intervention means it's about to get it's tail kicked by Israel!

  • stevyy

    You can hear the religious chants after the explosions...Is it lost on anyone that religion, by and large is not only a joke, but also the center of human conflict for as long as recorded history? To say nothing of its use to control people and amass wealth by a few for the same period.

    Religion is a human scourge, IMO...

  • Timulculin

    Just cut off money from all sides and let them shoot it out.

  • Davey Jones

    Earth to media -- hello? hello? Anyone home? - Why is the lead title of this about a dead human shield ? - Hamas started a new war for no reason, launching 70 missiles before Israel even responded all the way up to Beersheba. And the UN actually specifically condemned Hamas for initiating a completely un-necessary round of violence while negotiating a long term ceasefire via Egypt. That is the real story. US media is really terrible to Israel.

  • ChallyFever

    Palestinians blame Israel for the escalation yet ignore the 180 rockets hamas launched 1st. How convenient.

  • Peter Pant

    i thought trump is going to bring peace to the middle east. oh wait it’s one of his broken promises, never mind.

  • Th3OnlyOn3

    "Who is Hamas?"

  • Junya

    It looks like Israel is getting ready to stomp on those stupid people again...

    Israel is by no means innocent in all of this but the Palestinians are clearly continuing the violence trying to incite the Israelis to retaliate.

  • Junya

    Hey Palestinians! Stop shooting rockets at Israel. I bet they will stop bombing you.

  • rontron

    I have to wonder if HAMAS falsified the election results in order to get elected. There has been no progress towards a peaceful settlement in favor of the Palestinian people since. The leaders of HAMAS don't even live there, they live in Qatar, its safer there..

  • Peanut Butter

    I thought Hamas was considered a terrorist organization by the US and the EU. Why is ABC showing their support for them and trying to make them look like underdog heroes?

  • ShawnLetwin

    Hamas continues escalation by repeatedly attacking Israel. During Israels defense of its country in knocking out Hamas military sites, Gazans are killed/hurt.

    Hey Hamas...quit attacking and your fellow Gazan citizens can live in peace...go figure.

    Shame on MSM outlets from not reporting the obvious. These outlets and their affiliate businesses need to be targeted by the mainstream public and boycotted economically.

  • Rick

    In, the late 70's, Israel made Peace after the 1967 war. Israel returned the Sinai back to Egypt. But when Israel offered to return the Gaza to Egypt, they were told "No thanks".....Gaza belonged to Egypt. Likewise, when Israel made Peace with Jordan, they offered half of the West Bank back, but was also told "No thanks" Both Egypt and Jordan knew that the inhabitants of those lands are troublemakers, and wanted nothing to do with them. To this day, the Gaza is sealed off from Egypt, and Palestinian refugees are placed in camps in Lebanon, Syria and are not welcome. There never has been a country of is a geographical term, like New England, or Pacific Northwest. In Roman times, Palestine included Gaza, Israel, Judea, Samaria and parts of Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.

  • gs12

    "Who is Hamas?"

    Hamas is a terrorist group that if it came here and launched rockets, it would be exterminated. I wonder if ABC and other media outlets would still want to be the mouthpiece of Hamas if that were the case.

  • lainsmo

    The generous restraint that Israel practices in the face of continual terrorist aggression is truly remarkable.

  • zamiatin

    What biased reporting that completely diminishes the unprovoked attacks on Israel.