First lady Melania Trump sponsored parents' green card application: Sources


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  • dave

    wow, that's some hard hitting journalism, and the asinine comments? it appears liberals in general are morons but I'm sure this isn't a revelation.

  • Ward Cleaver

    Chain migration...what are they doing to earn a living/pay their own way? What are they doing to to contribute to society? Let's hear it trumpeteers....

  • No one you know

    Another case of the privileged exercising their privileges.
    And the 99% eats crow.

  • chooch

    I guess Chain Migration is bad unless it is Trump's own family?

  • Rebecca Hancock

    Melanie came here illegally and money purchased her citizenship. Then her parents did the same. She has no class and if she divorces Trump he will endure she is deported as citizenship can be removed for fraud.

  • Nearl45 61

    Congratulations to them.

    Chain migration much?

  • disqus_7Qw73LfCUQ

    Good, now The Trumps could sponsor all the other immigrants too!

  • rich1051414

    When trump gets out of office, we should use his own denaturalization program to strip Trumps citizenship and deport his ass.

  • george

    Thought the idea was to keep immigrants out. Ooh sorry rules or the Law does not apply to the Trump mafiosa

  • Butch Roberson

    Great news, welcome y'all!

  • Lee3422

    We do have an immigration problem along our southern border. Its not racist to say that whatsoever, its factual. This article points to one of many hypocritical actions by those close to Trump.

  • Alexis Rivera

    So chain migration is fine for Trump as long as its for his own benefit. So much for his narrative of wanting a merit based system... Not like it matters to his supporters, he could bring MS-13 in trough chain migration an unleash them on the streets and they would stll believe he can do no wrong.

  • Inspiridos

    If you want to discover what the mysterious hold is that Trump has on Melania, here it is. Her relatives in Slovenia ... yeah the Russian Mob is thick there too.

  • George286

    It's like Trump he said about taking losses on his taxes, it was the law so he took advantage of it. I am not sure of the hypocrisy of doing that, taking advantage of entitlements one wants ended.

  • Impetus

    So there's her parents squared away. Now she just has to ensure she can keep custody of Barron and she's out.

  • Anthony T

    Abcnews doesnt like the truth.....melania and her porn reject creating family are likely spies....

  • Omar Majiet

    It was a forgone conclusion anyway, why is this newsworthy? Trump basically saying "up yours" I am the law unto myself.

  • thenitenurse

    Face it! There are different rules for rich people.

  • Renate

    Melania's a little more feisty than I give her credit for.

  • tet1953

    Sponsored by Melania, of course. Otherwise known as "chain migration." What Trump says is horrible for this country. There have never been greater hypocrites than today's republicans, and Trump in particular. It's disgusting.

  • lou g

    While many people legally await their turn to get citizenship. some of priviledged with connections get in rather quickly. I don't know if Melania's parents received special treatment, but it probably would be difficult to prove otherwise. So much for Trump's war on chain migration.

  • Colinalcarz

    The Knaves’ “remained silent” I’ll wager, because though it is a prerequisite for citizenship, neither speaks English.

  • Putin's Ghost

    Trump's properties are used as havens for wealthy Russians to give birth. Birth tourism allows a foreigner to permanently gain dual-citizenship for their children. Russians use Trump's properties to make this happen under his watch.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Dad was a communist AND a used car dealer. Great credentials.,

  • badhairpiece

    Oh the irony.

  • d bo

    Her parents must speak English better than she does.

  • Ronald Bandor

    Isn't this the "chain migration" that Trump was complaining about?

  • Truthfully

    I don't understand...............Didn't trump say NO Chain Migration????????????
    Or are they the right Color?

    Disgusting trump crime family!

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Why no input from Trumpers other than flagging comments? Have they no defense or deflection for Melania sponsoring her parents and getting them quick citizenship which is called CHAIN MIGRATION which her husband hates?

    Since Melania's own citizenship is suspicious, you really see one more hypocrisy from the Trump presidency. Apparently rules only apply to the peons.

  • mike

    wasn't he a communist party leader..oh I forgot tRump likes russians

  • subtext9

    Why the uproar? Everyone knows that laws for regular folks don't apply to Trump, and his family members, trusted friends or associates who have not yet fallen out of favor with him.

  • Prophet With Honor

    🎶 Chain chain chain migration
    Chain chain chain of fools 🎶

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Is it normal not to be able to determine which one is the father in law and which one is the son in law?

  • c0reDump

    Maybe they signed up for Trump's Space Farce to get in the front of the immigration line.

  • reality25

    Aww, how sweet and her husband isn't even referring to them as "animals" or "infestations".

  • fmd160

    "They have travailed a wonderful journey like most have – millions have –
    in getting citizenship and waiting the requisite period of time,"
    Wildes said. "
    But now that they have, that will end for everybody else unless they are white and rich if Trump gets his way.

  • HonestlyPls

    Even though Don The Con is only 11/2 years younger than his faather in-law, he appears to be the senior of the two. Either Melanija has a father complex or a penchant for $$$$$.

  • Dave

    5 years? It took my grandparents closer to 12.

  • My Name Is Nobody

    Meanwhile, I've been fighting for nearly two years to get my wife immigrated from Thailand. USCIS informs me that they don't see a compelling reason to grant her a visa. I'm a natural born, 3rd generation, American citizen and she's my wife! They are telling me that to be with her I need to live overseas, forcing me out of my home, away from my children, and out my country. Not acceptable!

  • dancer92136

    Here is the deal. I wouldn't think twice about her family getting citizenship if DJT did want to stop this for others.

  • bromeando

    "I guess when it’s Melania’s Family, it’s 'family reunification' and should be applauded.
    Everybody else, it’s 'chain migration' and must be stopped." h/t Ana Navarro.

  • unusual

    I thought Trump was strongly against chain migration - Trump demonstrates once again that if he is ranting about something, you can be sure he's doing it himself.

  • Millard Farquar

    Wait! They should have at least spent some time in cages.

  • unusual

    Well isn't that special.

  • Stephen Bishop

    Trump's tramp +2.

  • Dukedaddy

    Isn't this the kind of B.S.people wanted to do away with when they voiced their displeasure with government. Wasn't this what they thought "Drain the Swamp" meant?

    They become so brainwashed by Trump and his lies, his cult followers will not want to talk about this. Mind you, they may not even hear about this because the right wing media will not report on this!

  • MauiOhana808

    How nice.........................................?
    Make America Happy Again!!
    Thank you Special Prosecutor Mueller, the grand jury and YOU the American Voter!!!!
    Aloha :^D

  • Renate

    I can't stop laughing. Guess they're the right color.

  • Starderup

    They should be deported at midnight on the night tRump is impeached. Let's not shoot for another Mussolini episode; I think dragging his dead body through the streets is a bit over the top. Still, tRump seems to have an affinity for 'Lock Them Up' and I think that would be appropriate here. As long as he never can threaten to shoot someone on 5th Avenue ever again, I'm cool.