'Embarrassed, disgusted' police chief helps trace and arrest son in attack on Sikh man


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  • annalewis

    I hope he gets some time in jail .. but I doubt that .. his dad will make sure of that .. This young man will do other crimes besides this one until he does something like murder , he will spend no time , most likely he will get probation for this .. which is a joke .. He's a sick and racist young man.

  • McDuff

    Too bad the kid isn't 1/10th the man his father is.

  • Gargo-Rican

    Unless he's got some sort of mental illness, I'd write him off! Sometimes its bad parenting, other times its not. In the end, he's 18 and should no right from wrong. I'd say just throw the book at him.

  • bb1040

    In Florida the kid probably would have been shot and killed for what he was doing.....

  • MWP

    Thugs will be thugs - and even good parents sometimes have children who turn out wrong...

  • Morgan Sheridan

    What a horrible situation for a father to be in.

  • PaulCrozer

    What is going on in our country?

  • TruthorBeauty

    Goes against the lamestream and US justice system narrative that only whites are capable of hate crimes. Reminds me of Attorney General Eric Holder saying that the hate crimes law only applies to whites. Story will disappear after one news cycle.

  • tet1953

    Of course it is a hate crime, and the charges should reflect that immediately.

  • KT Anne

    I Have the utmost respect for this Chief and his family. I feel so sorry that his son has forced this family to face such feelings as they described. But what is so refreshing is to hear a family not take up for the violent actions of a family member. I know they love their children, but, they grow up and choose their own paths.
    I am still amazed at the ignorance that Americans display, All that hate, why? A Sikhism is not the same as Muslim (not that being violent to either is acceptable) Most of the time the excuse is that they thought they were terrorist or muslim when questioned on why they targeted the individual.

  • Arc_Fault_One

    Who hits a 71 year old man? What's with these kids. I watched a video of the antifa kids knocking an old army vet out of his wheelchair. Once you reach a certain age you have a right not to fear anyone. Against all odds they made it to old age and deserve some respect.

  • Connie

    I have worked at a major university in the northeast for over 30 years. I've met many Muslims an Sikhs while here, and every one of them has been kind, polite, quiet, friendly, and respectful. I don't understand some people's fear of them. Just like there are some bad Muslims, there are bad Catholics, Protestants, Jews, etc. A person's propensity to be a bad person doesn't have much to do with their religion, it's generally the person's character.

  • Robin

    KUDOS the police chief for not making excuses for his son. For not saying, "But my son is such a good boy!" Too many other parents are in DENIAL about their rotten spawn.

  • ranknfile

    If I was this kid I would rather spend time in jail than deal with the wrath of my father. But then again I grew up in the 70's. Somehow I think the fathers of today are somewhat softer.

  • Notmymess

    These Sikh men are being mistaken for Muslims, which they are NOT! Sikhism is a peaceful religion. But, even if they are mistaken for Muslims, the crime is just as heinous. No one should be attacked because of their faith!

  • Ciara Cawley

    My heart, first and foremost, goes out to the victim of this disgusting crime and his family. What an utterly despicable crime perpetrated on a defenseless senior citizen. I hope so much that he makes a full recovery, both physically and emotionally and that he and his family can get over this ordeal. These little turds have robbed him of his sense of safety and that is no small deal.

    I also feel it for the police chief - how humiliating for him. I'm glad he did the right thing and assisted with finding his son. I hope very much he's brought to justice and gets a lengthy sentence....scum like that don't deserve to walk the streets freely.

  • JuPMod

    My heart goes out to the chief and his family to know their family member has gone down a dark path. The boy no doubt grew up in a good house with a loving family, yet he decided to commit crimes, etc. I agree with others that he should be charge with a hate crime given the Sikh was targeted for wearing his head wear. I have no doubt the kids thought he was a Muslim, and even if the victim was a Muslim, it was still wrong to attack the person.

  • Barbara Hall

    If they don't treat this as it is a hate crime then the justice system is letting everyone down mainly victims! Don't you dare take the easy way out for these punks or any other!!! Start another riot just like the last one if you don't' charge them right for these crimes committed!!!

  • gwinloz

    It's nice to read a story about a good cop with integrity after so many bad cops stories. My heart goes out to the police chief and his family for the pain they must be going through... as well as to the victim and his family.

  • The Terminator

    Nice to see the chief do the right thing.

    Too bad the kid took the wrong path. He had a chance and failed to see it.


  • Prophet With Honor

    I truly feel for the Chief and the family. I hope they will be left in peace.