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  • B Free

    He will make a great supreme.

  • SJC

    Republicans always cut corners to get what they want.

  • Prophet With Honor

    A whole lot of staff and interns doing a lot of speed reading.

  • Millard Farquar

    In the spirit of all things fair, we must wait until after November for a confirmation.

  • Robert

    But when Democratic Presidents appointed judges to the Supreme Court, there was no presentation of documents from the Archives.

  • URNSO2

    "has been able to selectively review and release documents.. without full oversight from the National Archives and
    Records Administration."

    That sounds familiar.

  • Lola Tooley

    This is unjustified yes we know the Republicans have a Majority, but he will not be only representing Republicans but all Americans. This push is too fast to nominate a Supreme Justice!