Man appears to have been bitten by shark in Texas, authorities say


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  • Fatesrider

    Only nibbled on? I thought everything is bigger in Texas. If he didn't lose the entire lower half of his body, it obviously wasn't a Texas shark. Probably just a tourist from Florida...

  • WorkingClass

    "There have been 18 unprovoked shark attacks...." -- I'm more curious to know the number of provoked shark attacks.

  • Reddig Dogstone

    "...bitten by what appears to be a shark on a beach..."

    Witnesses reported the shark had been seen loitering earlier near the Snack Shack, and the beach attack may have been in response to a misunderstanding over an order of fried cod and chips.

  • Toshi Hitsugaya

    What may have been a shark.. In Texas. Are we afraid the ocean might sue us for defemation?

  • brickmette

    What a relief that the article says that this man was bitten in Galveston.
    I originally thought he had been bitten here in Abilene.