Aug 9, 2018, 9:46 PM ET

Former flight attendant says pilot posted explicit pictures of her online: Lawsuit


A former United Airlines flight attendant says a pilot posted sexually explicit photos and videos of her on pornographic websites dating back to 2006 and the airline failed to protect her, according to a new lawsuit.

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The two were in a relationship while working for the airline, but broke up in 2006 after the pilot refused to stop posting the images, according to a complaint filed in federal court in San Antonio, Texas.

In the following years, the unidentified woman claimed she filed several complaints with the airline, but no discipline ever came down on the pilot, identified as Mark Uhlenbrock in the lawsuit.

In a statement to ABC News, United Airlines said the lawsuit's description of the situation is not accurate: “We have reviewed the allegations in the complaint and disagree with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s description of the situation. United does not tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace and will vigorously defend against this case.”

In 2015, the pilot was arrested by the FBI for continuing to post nude images of the woman, which he later admitted to, according to the lawsuit. He pleaded guilty to stalking and was sentenced to 41 months in prison. The captain was allegedly allowed to retire with full benefits in 2016, according to the complaint.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which filed the lawsuit against United Airlines, said the carrier "violated federal law by subjecting a female flight attendant to a hostile work environment of sexual harassment over a multi-year period,” according to an EEOC news release.

The lawsuit accuses the airline of failing to protect the former flight attendant and discriminating based on sex.

Uhlenbrock's attorney did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

News - Former flight attendant says pilot posted explicit pictures of her online: Lawsuit

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  • Rod Strongo

    Sorry honey. You picked him.

  • Ronald Bandor

    I mean, she was in a relationship with a jerk. He posted pictures of her.
    She takes it up with the airline -- probably because they have money. Did they tell her to be in a relationship with him? Or to let him take the photos?

    File suit against the guy.

  • gs12

    So stop stripping for the camera. Problem solved.

  • rick315

    as a former civil rights attorney and an occasional EEOC hearing officer, Im not sure what this clear invasion of privacy has to do with "equal employment"........she may have a law suit but an EEOC complaint?

  • Chuck Heston

    Is she hot??

  • Commenter1776

    oops... this one is going to hurt since he admitted to doing it, and if she documented her complaints.... united is on the river without a paddle about to go over a very large waterfall.

  • TexasVulcan

    I am hopeful that many men will now think twice before doing such things.


    Sure sounds like ec-con (Continental)!

  • Just Watching

    Digital pictures spread like wildfire. Might be better not to let the pictures be taken in the first place. A wise grandmother once said "If you don't want people gawking at it, don't be leaving it out on the front porch!".