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  • Bwaaah

    Players are right. Instead of broadcasting football; they should broadcast downtown Chicago live.
    No one wants to watch bunch of crybabies.

  • Kyle Healy

    At this point these players are just being stubborn and/or stupid. They
    joined in this protest with the goal of expanding the conversation
    regarding racial injustice, systemic oppression, or whatever other
    particular set of words they want to use to label the problem they
    perceive. It is not working. Instead of the protest making people talk
    about those things it's getting people talking about the players, the
    NFL, collective bargaining, even the President, but not the
    problem they wanted to raise awareness for. If they actually care about
    what they claim to it's time to swallow their pride, back away from this
    pointless fight, and try a different tactic.

  • Marcia Bieberich

    I'm afraid that NFL kneelers are now being used by Trump to stir up his base. Is it time for something new?

  • melnepa

    NFL players. As long as you kneel and disrespect the anthem, flag and country I will NOT hear anything you have to say. I will NOT support any grievance you think you might have. In fact I hope whatever you are kneeling for get's worse because of this. None of you, NONE, did anything during the off season about your so called 'protest'. This is all about you and your egos. I hope you protest yourselves right out of your job. I've been an avid NFL fan all my life but if I had the power I would put the NFL out of business over this issue.

  • Lifeishortgetaladder.

    They just don't like america.... its pretty simple. and the one song that possibly unites you/us as a country , as an entity , united we stand divided ( as some stand -some kneel -divided)we fall, isnt Drake - its not Justin Bieber, ELvis, 50 cent, or Prince, or CCR or Kiss or timberland. its the star spangled banner. You want to protest during it. go ahead then don't come back crying because everybody is upset at you. And don't expect sympathy. Do what you got to do, but this IMHO only pushes you farther back.