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  • Peanut Butter

    Well, I guess the good news is that those that stay behind and die won't be able to produce any more stupid offspring. Natural selection is real.

  • mrphilbert

    These fools think they are captains of their own personal arks and will bravely go down with the ship (pets included). Insanity at its most extreme. They will, however, demand to be rescued when the time comes putting other peoples lives at risk.

  • Andrew

    I certainly hope these reasonable women turn out to have made the right decisions. But if they turn out needing to be saved over the next few days, perhaps next time they might make an even more 'reasonable' decision to follow orders. I don't know. I hope they all survive. Who knows?

  • foldincaulfield

    If you have too many pets to fit in your car, you have too many pets.

  • GP

    There can be a whole host of reasons why a person or family would hunker down in the homestead under these conditions. You really don't know how you will react till it happens to you.

  • Renate

    I'm sure there are some that don't believe the "lame stream media" and think this is all "fake news". Trump is doing a great job of getting people to not believe anything the news is telling them.

  • Cindy2018

    I understand why some stay in their homes but only if they are not near the ocean or river. They are not only fearful for their animals but also looters. Last year while we were having our hurricane here in Florida I stayed home but sent the family to our daughter's house further away from the storm. Different looters tried to break in three nights in a row around 2-3am but the deadbolt locks held them back. I was standing guard with my pistol and yelled I've got a gun and I know how to use it! I took cover and told myself, wait till they enter then fire. Luckily they heeded my warning which scared them away. And all was safe.

  • Mike x

    Those sand bags should be all that house sitting right on the beach in North Topsail Beach, N.C. will need to survive a hurricane coming on shore with a 9 foot storm surge.

  • Bob Terry

    Helping stray cats has to be one of the most idiotic reasons for putting lives at risk. And yes I am a pet owner but I put my partners life above an animal. Things can be replaced people can't someone's support peacock is not a person.

  • Robert Earnest

    Most people who stay do so because they don't believe the consequences of staying will be as bad as they are being told.

  • Chuck

    So they are not only endangering their own lifes but the lives of their pets as well. How stupid can you be?

  • Gmh Gmh

    Have people forgotten New Orleans already? People sitting on roofs desperately waiting for help because they chose not to evacuate. I wish them luck but they won’t get any sympathy from me if they end up sitting on top of their roof waiting for someone to risk their life to rescue them also.

  • End of Life Ritual

    The reality is, not everyone can just uproot themselves for potentially weeks and relocate. There are many things that might make that impossible.
    Bashing them over the head for their decision and calling them stupid is ludicrous.

    They aren't going to get first responder help, but I have yet to hear a single one say they are expecting that. Let them be.

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya

    As long as they don't expect immediate rescue from first responders, so be it.

  • error_does not compute

    "Heath has been preparing for the storm “since last week,” stocking up with canned goods, bread, water and potato chips“ ... potato chips ? ;)

  • ranknfile

    Go ahead and stay "Nobody will hear your screams"

  • IT-Worker-Since-1990

    The real reason they are staying is that they are stupid. You should NOT stay in an area that is supposed to evacuate and especially if it is a hurricane. There will be flooding. If you have an medical emergency, you are on your own. Power lines can fall, if it hits your house, it can burn down. If the electricity is live and in the water, you can be electrocuted when you step in water to go somewhere else.

  • Arkansaw

    Apparently it never occurred to the people with multiple pets that if they got the word out, people would have been happy to help and find shelter inland for all of them.

  • BassPlyr73 Again

    I don't blame them for not leaving, although I might make a different choice. It's hard to judge without knowing everyone's individual situation. I wish them all well, and hope they come through ok.

  • phil stock

    Although not so in this case. I am sure there are many staying because they just cant afford to leave.

  • rampantlion

    These are the people that put first responders in danger. Have these people actually planned for all contingencies? I think not.

  • 4hhhh

    I'm looking at the sandbags surrounding the house. I think that'll do more harm than good. It looks like it will keep water in rather than keep it out creating a moat.

  • Dicazi

    20 miles from the ocean, as long as you're not below sea level, sounds acceptable.
    It's the idiots on the coast, or on islands that should be leaving. Pets or no pets.
    If your road is washed away, your car flooded out, how are you going to get out if your home is flooded? Is washed away?