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  • laura hoyle

    Meanwhile, as an employee...."I felt compelled to write this review following months of frustration with the way the employees are treated here. Following the devastation of hurricane florence to the city of Wilmington and it's surround areas, areas in which Davis' employees live, employees were basically told it was inexcusable to be missing work because roads were closed. Most people in the area were evacuated, some people's homes were lost, and the only attempt Davis made at reaching out to its employees was to tell them "there's a route" (from the CEO's words) to get back to work...2 days after a devastating hurricane! Anyone considering employment here, you deserve better. Quality of service to the patients begins with quality of service to the employees."

  • Pits

    I know it would be so difficult to move so many frail people. I just hope they will all be safe and make it through.

  • Alle

    Let's be cheap...

  • snake

    Many of these decisions seem well thought out but I hope the care givers are living nearby and able to get to the facility or stay for an extended time if their shift replacements aren't able to get there to relieve them.