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  • Bud Simpson

    I never heard of the Cajun Navy before, but I'll never forget them. Well done you guys!

  • have the faith

    we lived thru hurricane katrina and the government response was horrible! they tried to centrally plan and control everything just like russia and china. thousands of volunteers with their boats were turned around on interstate 10, because they were afraid of these volunteers "running out of gas." then mr. brown the new politically appointed director for fema wanted "all authorization to come from only him." why does central planning fail? because thousands of people have thousands of different individual needs and millions of conversations are had to comw up with 100s of thousands of solutions. Mr.Brown at fema could only plan what was in his immediate vicinity, when crimes like rape started happening in the superdome Fema director Brown was Clueless that their was over 10,000 evacuees in the facility.President Bush was a Moron for "waiting until an OFFICAL REQUEST For Federal Aid was presented from the Govenor Himself." (lesson to learn central planning fails,)

  • Kenneth Sousa

    Kudos to these citizen volunteers. Yet another reason to be proud of our country and its citizens. Note that FEMA is not the first responder. Local resources and citizen volunteers are the critical first responders. FEMA will get there quickly and fulfill their mission soon. The federal government is simply not responsible or capable to be the first on site. This is why there are political subdivisions commonly referred to as states. Please stop blaming FEMA for not being a babysitter every time something goes wrong.

  • (((Rocket Cat)))

    Well, that's just nice.

  • Clint

    Right there's some mighty fine folks.

  • justanewsreader

    "Boats on the Ground?????" Maybe the author of the article needs to figure out what the great guys/gals in the Cajun Navy do. "Boats in the Water" would have been technically correct. Editor missed it too. So, for all you CN folks, please continue to do the great work you do - but not "on the ground," but in the water please!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas

    Good people helping other people in a disaster.

    That's what American's do.

  • Tommy Wo

    Despite the best efforts of Donald Trump and Russia to divide us and undermine our way of life, deep down in our hearts, the American people still believe in helping each other in times of need.