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  • Thomas

    It would be nice if there was any evidence or proof that supports this claim.

  • Onetaxpayer

    Not bad for a kid that went to a boys high school for girls/women to know him for 35 years.

  • badhairpiece

    Trumpeteers are programmed to "deny".

  • hound

    Due process should require an investigation by some agency as part of the vetting process. If it is not true, he would be cleared.

  • Robert Marley

    kobrak...you're right (my error)...the media has ZERO standards now-a-days. Thanks for correcting me. MAGA! (smile)

  • Robert Marley

    Tkirk, guess what???? "We" the people don't go by YOUR book. Too bad for you & your book huh?

  • Tkirk

    I have problems with the push to get Kavanaugh approved. The Republicans keep cramming candidates onto the Supreme Court. The last one they changed the rules and he became the 1st Justice that doesn't have at least 60 votes...so in my book he's Illegal...you can't change the rules of the game and then claim a win. Ex Republican that's had enough...no longer my party.

  • kobrakai6868

    So, if I am to understand correctly, it is the position of Republicans that, as citizens, it is our duty to vet evidence of any possible criminal act that happens to come into our possession and, you know, decide for ourselves when information is actionable and worthy of forwarding onto law enforcement.. After all, we are all experts in criminal law, and we don't want to have our Federal Bureau of Investigation which exists to investigate crime getting all bogged down in investigating crime, do we?

  • Robert Marley

    TO: Mark Richard

    Mark, the best post I have seen here in months. You nailed it but the libs will refuse to see the hypocrisy of the media standards.. Anyway, good post...thanks.

  • annalewis

    What man would admit to something like that .. Just like the hair on the Coke can .

  • FasterBadger

    Even if the allegations are true, the timing of this is quite suspicious.

  • PerchLady

    From high school?? Aw, c'mon. What kid in high school didn't get a little fresh at one time or another? If the woman didn't want it to become public, why even bring it up?

  • ItsOnlyaFleshWound

    Wait. WHAT was that sound?? Oh Yeah, it was the sound of the Democrats' "HAIL MARY" pass going by!!! Too LITTLE & too LATE!!

  • RZC

    This guy has already been caught telling little white lies
    In the mean time. and just like his mentor

    (CNN)The number almost hits you in the face: Less than one in three people in the new CNN-SSRS poll believe that President Donald Trump is honest and trustworthy.
    Two-thirds of the country don't think you can trust this president! They don't think he is honest! That's a remarkable finding.
    It's also virtually the exact same way that voters judged Trump on the question of being honest and trustworthy on November 8, 2016 -- the day he was elected president.

  • Tegbessou Géléhéso

    So Senator Dianne Feinstein brings to the table an unsubstantiated allegation concerning an assault that was not reported when it allegedly occurred 30 years. No witnesses, the victims won't come forward and Kavanaugh denies it... well I say send him to prison and throw away the key. Want to be a Supreme Court Justice? then Justice this...

  • WRW

    Feinstein had this info since July and should have submitted it then to the FBI and questioned Kavanaugh privately or in closed session. To wait until this Wednesday to submit it is negligent and fishy.