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  • IT-Worker-Since-1990

    I hated the new Bug design and loved the old one. I am glad that I can get the old ones in Mexico and bring them across the border under the 25 year rule, fix them up and sell them. I have made a lot of money doing that as a side project in the past.

  • Lee-Anne Griffin

    Never quite understood how the modern Beetle could be compared to the economical old Beetle. They were both round but nothing else was similar. And certainly not the pricing.

  • GoBucksMan

    I remember the '79 version my sister had.... Forest green, with tan pleather interior, and a kind of semi-clutch gear system. You'd take your foot off the gas and put it into 'second' gear, but it had no clutch. A 'slanted-H' stick. I used to 'borrow' it (at 17, with no licence!) to joy-ride at night. ;)

  • kritikosman

    They'll be back.

  • WhinyLiberals

    Slug Bug!

  • Planet Earth

    Makes sense...I don't know who these are for now. I barely see them on the road if ever. Young people prefer hatchbacks now for more space and function.

  • badhairpiece

    Go back to the old style Beetle with extended chrome bumpers, use a Subaru 2.5 engine for power, never look back.