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  • colloguy

    Many of these people live in areas that are known risks for flooding.
    Then they seem surprised when during a hurricane they have a flooded house they can't live in.

  • Really

    Those that chose to stay should be left. Those that have children and stayed should be rescued and then charged with child endangerment.

  • Tim Coolio

    I wonder if the "no government" republicans out there are still against government help?

  • nfinityman

    If they actually charge them a rescue fee I'm sure it would change their behavior. Unfortunately, idiot voters will turn on elected officials who actually try to enforce common sense behavior. And, when it comes to government behavior, Its all about appeasing the ever fickle voting public.

    Remember, in the USA no one is responsible for their bad decisions and someone will always be the scapegoat.

  • Freedom?

    I would love to see some data on people that stayed, bet it's around 1 death for every 100,000 that stayed. Those lunatics.

  • Morgan Tortue

    People was abundantly warned concerning the magnitude of this hurricane well in advanced. There was plenty of coverage on tv, radio and newspapers about its potential aftermath as well. . Those that chose to remain behind had full knowledge of the potential consequences of their choice, unless of course they are not mentally capable of making such decision. Now my question is, why should lives and resources be spent on rescuing them? They ought to be charged with endangering other people's llives as well as for the cost of their rescue. Enough babying these fools.

  • The Terminator

    "I think we kind of let our guards down," Zaytoun told "GMA" in a telephone interview Friday morning. "In hindsight, yes, I would have probably gotten out of here."


    "We knew it would be bad," he said of the storm. "So it's a choice of ... do you leave and not be able to get back or if you try to come back, you get halfway and you're stuck again?"


    Something I am shocked not to see. I was sure based on some of the posts in other comment sections about Florence that when they interviewed people who thought it was best to stay, they would blame Trump, "We stayed because of a Trump tweet. We thought Trump controlled the weather. He is a God you know." or something similar.

    I guess the anti Trumpers couldn't prove there agenda. But there is time. This is only 2 that have seen that have been interviewed so far.


  • Mike x

    The last people to be rescued should be the ones in areas that were under "mandatory" evacuation orders. The communities should make it clear to those residents that if they choose to stay they will be put at the bottom of the list to be rescued.

  • Rachel442

    Kids? #1. Animals? #2. Any adults who defied mandatory evacuation orders when they had the option (and ability) to leave? Dead freaking last.

  • ForWhomMyDellTrolls

    What a nation of cowards we have become.

  • vince bingham

    Wow!! like a bomb. A Cat 1 was like a bomb? This is a tropical storm, not even a hurricane. the news will try to make it dramatic of course. My cousin is right there and was saying they were on the boardwalk watching at the coast. The winds are like a very windy day. The news will find the most powerful gust anywhere near and give 90 mph crap. It's very rainy, much flood damage to homes.

  • Susan Riley

    Someone was interviewed on the news last night and they said the reason they were staying behind was "for the thrill of it." In my mind, this person does not deserve to be rescued today or any other day.

  • Cammosutra

    Can I just suggest that this might be a good time to give blood at your local blood bank? A significant portion of the nation's blood supply is being moved closer to the Hurricane impact zone in expectation of injured people needing it.

  • lou g

    The people that decided to wait out the storm don't need immediate evacuation. The people that were trapped should come first.

  • Colinalcarz

    When people need help, let’s help them. Let’s not worry about which people stranded on their roof are worthy of our efforts. God doesn’t keep score, neither should we.

  • DaPicayune

    Has Mayor Outlaw told his Po Po Chief to arrest The Looter Dude and confiscate his Free Flo beer yet?

    Even Mayor Dean needs a cold one now in a Cat 1 blow.

    Thanks Poseidion Trump for saving NC by mitigating Flo to a Cat 1/Trop Storm. The wonders of this President.

  • PoppyLee

    If you stay and need to be rescued you're a fool. You put first responders at unneeded risk.

  • Yonatan Kurovsky

    Lets get something straight, it's a tropical storm, if you live there, YOU KNOW THAT, lived there for years. Storms come and go, don't remember sitting around waiting for someone to save me. Look at the people in the boats, the guy pulling the boat is much older, this isn't about needed to be rescued, this is about being lazy and dependent, which is what the state wanted.

  • Grampa S

    I do hope some of those here gloating about hurricane parties and such have invited their elderly neighbors over to help them feel safe and at home.

  • Mrs( lɐnxǝs∀)Elmo💯

    You need to LEAVE when a hurricane is coming your way. One word, "Katrina!" Take it seriously!!!

  • Grampa S

    People stay for lots of reasons. I have no sympathy for those that do it from hubris. However for some that are of lesser means what they have means more to them. Then there are those with animals and they won't leave their pets behind to die alone as many shelters won't take pets.