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  • Jrducky

    So sad that thieves are stealing from people who have already lost so much.
    There is a special place in hell for them.

  • Marly Duran

    This is sad & I feel bad for the folks going through it.

    But it doesn't seem right that people have to risk their own health & lives to rescue those who should have evacuated.

    Like the woman whose relatives were stuck in a boat for 6 hours "Yelling for help" while she was in her truck, also stuck.
    What the hell were they all doing?
    If you choose to stay- at least stay in somewhere so you can ride it out.

  • mm

    So I noticed Trump hasn't really said anything about being proactive, just retweets, and saying what a good job first responders are doing, nor is he out there touring the floods like past Presidents have done, I guess he must be golfing or laying in a tanning bed somewhere and stewing over Manafort, and mad that he was wrong about Puerto Rico. People in NC and surrounding areas need support especially from the President right now, but alas lame duck as usual.

  • Rug Ratz

    I remember mandatory evacuations for wild fires in San Diego ... have 2 old cats and 2 dogs ... people think you can just toss them in the car and head out ... even though they get along, I couldn't. Sent family up to Los Angeles and I stayed behind. Fire did not get "too close" (closest was 1.5 miles away) ... but hurricanes and huge storms can be devastating as well as tidal surges in low lying areas ... and I remember the news videos of hundreds of cars stuck trying to get out of houston and ran out of gas and some abandoned on the roadway ... you fill up your old car, sit in dead-stop traffic for 6 hours and your car runs out of fuel. I can see why some try to wait it out, even if that seems fool-hardy at the time.

  • StormWizard

    "If you seek to prey upon the citizens of Brunswick County, we're going to do everything we can to lock you up," Ingram warned. "I made sure ahead of time that we had adequate space for anybody that wanted to try that."
    Sounds like someone who has seen too much stupid in his career!

  • chris charles

    red state vs blue state... sounds like teams. too bad ppl cannot just work together in crisis.

  • Prophet With Honor

    Bad as this is, check out the Typhoon hitting the Philippines and headed for China. Wow.

  • Emoji Trump

    “They died from a tree, not the hurricane! 0 deaths A+” - Trump.

  • Priscilla Abercrombie

    That poor man who lost his wife and infant when the tree fell. If he survives, he will forever be haunted by the fact that they would still be alive if only they had heeded the mandatory evacuation notice. How sad

  • Oldnewbie

    The statement that "Emergency Personnel" will not go out in an emergency is absurd. That is their job! Why have them if they are not going to do it?? I first encountered this last year when a Hurricane swept through Florida and was completely taken aback by the Governors statement that people who did not evacuate (for whatever reason) were on their own! Yes someone could not get to a shelter due to medical reasons and so tough s**t till the storm is over. Nice. Guess that policy is going to become the norm.

  • Independent Cacodemon

    The North Carolina Coastal Resource Commission (CRC) published a study in 2010 that predicted a 39-inch shoreline rise in the next 100 years, putting approximately 2,000 miles of North Carolina’s coast underwater. The Republican-controlled legislature didn't like the study results, and enacted Bill 819. The law required state and local agencies to rely on historical linear models—rather than findings that sea-level rise is accelerating because of human activity that produces planet-warming emissions—and limited the scope of the commission's research to prevent long-term projections. As Stephen Colbert said afterward, "If your science gives you a result you don't like, pass a law saying the result is illegal. Problem solved."

  • End of Life Ritual

    Off topic, but while we are watching a Cat 1 come ashore there's a Cat 5 slamming into SE Asia right now. It's a big hurricane season already, and just getting started.

  • Wolfy King

    Trump will spin it that nobody died in the Carolinas. But, if he fails to order the Marines, Army, and Navy stationed in both states to assist with their manpower, amphibious vehicles, choppers, and ships, then he should be impeached for incompetence.

  • BassPlyr73 Again

    Sorry to hear about the loss of life. Falling trees are my biggest fear during the hurricanes I've been through. My house is in no danger from storm surge, and little danger of flooding, but those trees...

  • Former Earthling

    If those deaths are black or brown Trump won't count them.

  • Brian

    So they didn't evacuate why?! Idiots.

  • Prophet With Honor

    My kid talked to a retired Marine friend in Onslow County. He is safe and his house is fine, but he'll be stuck a while since every street and highway in his area are either washed out or impassable due to deep water.