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  • pfon71361

    Incredible devastation. Sadly, some lost their lives through ignoring warnings or just an inability to evacuate in time. Hope the recovery goes better than after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico last year.

  • Dukedaddy

    I hate it when people die, but these people were told the evacuation order was mandatory and they chose to ignore it. The ones I have empathy for are the children. Their parents are the ones who decided to ride out the storm.

  • j penske

    OK, Trump, the Carolinas are now "tremendously wet". What are you going to do about it, other than go throw out paper towels ? Actually, just stay away because they probably don't want to see your ugly a$$ face.

  • Hecate

    I live in NC, but my area was spared, overall. We are thankful for all of the volunteers, EMS, and power crews that have come to our state to help! Thanks to all of those who left their own homes and families to help those in distress here. This is what makes America great... people helping people. Heartfelt thanks to all of these generous and selfless men and women.

  • Nala

    trump is an idiot - i suppose no one else will count (in his little pea brain) as death due to hurricane - VOTE

  • Toshiro Hitsugaya

    Electrocuted plugging in a generator.. Carbon monoxide poisoning due to running a generator inside.. I guess we can see the caliber of intelligence coming to fruition after initially ignoring evacuation notices.

  • Bob Thor

    Who runs a generator inside or plugs extension cords out in the rain? Oh yeah idiots who didnt evacuate when warned.

  • Max Forest

    The long term question is global warming and increase in forest fires, hurricanes, typhoons, etc. Trump denies global warming. He does things like set back fuel efficiency for cars. Trump looks at the short term for profit and quick money. If this trend continues, a FLORENCE like experience is store for us, whether a typhoon, hurricane, tornado, and possibly even earthquakes are linked to global warming -- I am not sure about earthquakes.* So the people who voted for Trump, voted for 'rape' the land, then die later. Wicked people.
    *I suspect that there could be a link between global warming and earthquakes. A good geologist could offer insight. However, the surface conditions of storms, forest fires, tornadoes seems logically.. We will see more of these.

  • Justbkind16

    11 people have died so far because of this storm and POTUS is tweeting that it's 5 people so far. He's not only bad with words, but it turns out he's just as bad with numbers.

  • JR_from_Fla

    That is terrible. Certainly not bad as Harvey, Maria or Irma yet but could get worse. Whatever even if it is only 8 people deceased it could have been much worse. Of course not bad as Puerto Rico but our construction here was far better. Has anyone heard the casualty count out of Puerto Rico yet?

  • GarfieldRocks

    Nobody is blaming Trump for the deaths or the storm. They are simply pointing out his nasty and hateful behavior that he displayed when he went to Puerto Rico. He treats people like crap and thinks it's cute.

  • SJC

    Please put power under ground.

  • Mike Butler

    "The first death attributed to Florence was in coastal Pender County,
    North Carolina. An official there called it a “storm-related medical
    fatality” but did not elaborate"

    According to WTVD-TV (ABC11), a woman from Burgaw suffered a myocardial infarction (heart attack) and EMS was unable to reach her due to roads blocked off by downed trees. You're welcome.

  • twothree

    How many lost power because the nuclear reactor was taken off line?

  • Foxrocks

    I suppose the only question left is how long before the media blames Trump for the deaths? I give it until Monday morning.