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  • F D

    Truth is governments have never been kind to double agents so let's not pretend this is only a Russian thing. Hopefully we can someday evolve out of this need to dominate our fellow man.

  • hold-the-phone

    "Nerve agents" as "nutritional supplements". Hmm. That's a new one... /s

  • The Outlier

    Yes, they have been well trained for such an interview in the Russian "How to Lie Like Putin" training course.

  • WesternApproaches

    I believe the Old Bill went to Russia about the Litvinenko case and were frustrated at every opportunity.

  • JDL51

    Who flies a few thousand miles on a one day trip to look at a church and then flies back without even looking at that church, claiming they were scared off by snow, which incidentally doesn't appear in the CCTV photos of them walking down a sidewalk, and they live in a country with six months of snow. The FSB's concocted story is as clumsy as the attempt to assassinate the Skripals which ended up killing a homeless woman instead.

  • rosaliecesar

    Not sure the Kremlin would authorize that those 2 "civilians' are interrogated by Scotland Yard but it should be filmed and shown to the public.

  • sdoubledub

    "There is a mechanism of legal assistance regulated by bilateral documents and international law,"

    Seems like a lot of in depth knowledge of international law for a "health supplements" supplier.