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  • Prophet With Honor

    A total waste of oxygen.

  • AG99

    The title threw me for a moment. I didn't think we had jurisdiction over Time Lords.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

  • Toshiro Histugaya

    Killed an 11 year ovet being fired for your incompetence.. Whatever sentence is passed down to him will still be too good.

  • Marine Dad05

    The sooner he gets the needle or whatever they have, the better it is for everyone.
    The chair is the best though.

  • Toshiro Histugaya

    Pizza, anyone?

  • John S. Henchey

    He is 45 years old. Even if his appeals run 20 years he will still be only 65 when they get him.

  • Pits

    What an evil, evil man.

  • Lawrence Wilson

    Wow, killed 4 people, one of whom was a child. I do hope the death penalty is reached unanimously.

  • helicohunter

    Residents can be immature, but the aren't fired instantly unless they do something really egregious. They are given warnings that certain aspects of their performance need to improve. Pathologists usually don't interact directly with patients, but their work is critical since they determine whether cancer is present in a tissue sample and help to determine whether a person's illness is caused by an infectious agent, autoimmune disease, or something else. You don't want an incompetent pathologist.

  • CR H

    Hope he gets on death row under the very worst circumstances. He surely deserves it.