HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Sep 14, 2018, 8:50 AM ET

NASA center in Alabama gets 1st woman as permanent director


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NASA has named an engineer as permanent director of its space flight center in Alabama, and she's the first woman to hold the job.

Joan Singer already became acting director of the Marshall Space Flight Center when Todd May retired in July.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine tells news agencies that she's an impressive leader whose 32-year agency career began with an internship. He says that experience will be "a huge asset to Marshall's critical work supporting NASA's goals of returning to the Moon to stay."

The center in Huntsville has nearly 6,000 civil service and contract employees and an annual budget of about $2.8 billion. It is best known as NASA's propulsion center, where rockets are designed and tested for travel in space.

News - NASA center in Alabama gets 1st woman as permanent director

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  • Mike Hogan

    Don't you think women should be barefoot and pregnant?

  • camileo56

    No one is posting here. Why? Because this is all that NASA has to boast about lately. The glory days have been over, except for the Mars landers a few years ago.

    The real news is coming from Musk, Bezos, and their competitors. I used to work for NASA years ago. Its embarrassing to see the state they are in today. And don't blame Obama. He just recognized the disease, and paved the way for private industry to step in. If he hadn't, we wouldn't even have SpaceX to talk about.