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  • Prophet With Honor

    "Joe, I told you that paper towels didn't make for good power line insulation."
    "It's all we could get."

  • felix_navidad

    I hope Trump has more paper towels for them.

  • concernedvoter

    The US gives Israel 3.5 Billion Dollars anually for their defenses, they've been doing this for decades. Does Israel pay US Taxes?
    Puerto Rico, Part of the US, with 3.5 Million US Citizens is still recovering from getting a direct hit by 2 CAT 5 Hurricanes within a Week. But Trump is stealing money from FEMA and giving 10 Million to his Pet Child Prison Camp Program and 30 Million from the Coast guard instead of helping the 3.5 Million US Citizens still facing hardship on thier Island.

  • Kelly Johnson Newton

    Pineapple is my favorite fruit.

  • Get_Down

    Gee, another "Katrina" disaster happened to Puerto Rico island...Who knew? Well, we all know who in WH would be blamed...Again...For sure.

  • Joe Johansson

    But, but, but, we did such a wonderful job in Puerto Rico. Everything is fine. Everyone is fine. No one has died. It's all good. /s