KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Sep 14, 2018, 9:29 AM ET

Man charged with kicking cat like ball in Snapchat video


A 19-year-old man has been charged with kicking a cat like a ball on a Kansas City high school football field in an act of apparent cruelty that was captured on video and posted to Snapchat.

Johnathan Taylor, of Kansas City, was charged Thursday with misdemeanor animal abuse. Court records say the principal of Center High School told an animal control officer about the video and said she believed the person seen kicking the cat was Taylor, a former student. A cat was found dead at the school.

Police say the person who recorded the May 22 video also identified Taylor as the man kicking the cat in the video. A voice can be heard on the recording yelling "field goal!"

In a police interview, Taylor denied any involvement.

News - Man charged with kicking cat like ball in Snapchat video

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  • Planet Earth

    Harsher punishment for cases like this. Animal cruelty is a travesty, but to know it was premeditated is beyond words.

  • Hey Beavis

    Poor kitty :( I hope this jerk gets kicked in the ribs.

  • John S. Henchey

    This guy is a POSitive Saint....Is that better censors?

  • John S. Henchey

    Take him to Foxborough and let the Patriots practice kicking field goals with him as the ball.

  • Don'tBotherMe

    What the heck did this jerk think would happen posting such a cruel act on snapchat? I can only hope he gets the mental help he needs.

  • Chuck Heston

    Animal cruelty laws need to be revised. Acts like this should be a felony. This guy is a huge piece and should go to jail.

  • JuPMod

    This guy is not even human. Being this cruel to a cat to post a video, and then *denied* he did it? This shows he has no morals.

  • Bongs&Thongs

    "I don't care if the is my snapchast and that is me on the video, I didn't do it"

    I hate cats, but I wish this guy a good beating along with his inevitable community service

  • turtlemouth

    Throw him in a lion pit and let him kick cats there.

  • Mels

    This cat looks to be very small possibly a kitten. If I was the owner of this cat I would find Mr Taylor and ......