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  • Richard Orberson

    This is not a game and its getting very Irritating. Republicans get on with the vote, or you’ll be showing the American people that you’re Rinos not Republicans, or even responsible.
    Vote him in office? You can remove him later if something turns up in the investigation to be true, we have had enough

  • John Springer

    She has flown many times before, so now the sudden aversion?

  • Ward Cleaver

    trump is of the mindset that women are there for his, and his comrades, pleasure, and nothing more.

    How any woman can support, and vote for this guy, is one of life's great mysteries.

  • Don'tBotherMe

    Because of his shady history I think Trump has de-sensitized himself to what sexual assault is. He truly has no clue that grabbing women or making comments of a sexual nature is wrong.

  • Trench Ant

    Back in the late 70s and early 80s when I was dating and just being around boys/men, I couldn't count how many times I was made uncomfortable by them by word or action. Did some of those times constitute assault? Yep. Should they have been reported? Yep. Did I report them? Nope. It just wasn't talked about and I knew no better. I just avoided them and it created a build up of mistrust that affects me to this day. I learned through experience and learned to not take any of that crud from men. I taught my daughter differently so she didn't have to experience it like I did and she stood up for herself.

    So now what we have are a bunch of old white men who have the mentality that women can't decide for themselves - what to do with their own bodies and what constitutes a harmful (emotionally/physically) assault on their bodies - and are in charge of making policies affecting both all for their political party.


    DOTUS does not give a darn about sexual attacks on women. He only cares about gratifying his ego and pushing his agenda! His history clearly shows that he has no respect for women or people of color. Now I am sure I will be attacked by the trumpards for my statement but I do not care!!! DOTUS IS TRULY DEPLORABLE!!!

  • mrphilbert

    It is plain to see that drumpf does not understand the meaning of depravity. His evangelical supporters just dismiss it as "noise". You cannot proclaim yourself a Christian if you self servingly turn a blind eye to deliberate un Christian like behavior.
    People that continue to support and excuse drumpfs daily misdeeds cannot be trusted upon to do what is right or honorable.

  • Laney D.

    Of course he would support someone accused of sexual assault. There is a Chronological list of women who accused Trump of sexual assault, so far. The word octopus comes to mind. No doubt this is just a small list of actual women over the years. How can anyone, especially women, support this man?

  • mrphilbert

    The guy who brags about doing whatever he can get away with (in all things) is blatantly trying to help others get away with similar behavior. To the so called christians who dismiss this as noise, you are committing the sin of hypocrisy.

  • Arc_Fault_One

    Come on, afraid to fly too. The only reason for all this support is based on your unpatriotic hatred for the president

  • jims444

    It's clear or should be to most intelligent folks that Trump is an "empty suit" who is devoid of normal human emotions. It's actually revealing watching Trump attempt to show compassion, empathy, honesty when he is incapable of such emotions. This man has been a lying, calculating, con-man all his life and as an adult, never changed or grew up. If anything, he has perfected the arts of lying, hurting people, making fun of them, using them for his own ends, and finding ways to violate the law. This is WHO we have elected as our President and God help us all.

  • Donald Schellberg

    I don't really care that much about the makeup of the supreme as long as it protects the rights of the minorities and defends the weak over the strong (which is what Jesus taught) but what really saddens me is the lack of compassion that is shown to this woman because of people's desire to have their political way. It is like they have lost their humanity completely and would choose Satan(metaphorically speaking) if it suits their political interests. I am an independent, neither of the left or the right and believe that they should take the time to ascertain if the allegations are true or not. If the allegations are true, it would mean that the nominee is lying and will lie under oath when he testifies next week. How can we have a person like that on the supreme court? If the allegations are false, they still have time to vote on his nomination, even in a lame duck session

  • (((Rocket Cat)))

    Wow, only one fact checked. It's been a slow week for the white house.

  • Les Sd

    The thing which bothers me the most in all this is the lack of substantive answers to question by Kavanaugh; the beating around the bush and ambiguous nonsense responses to serious questions. Citizens have no idea what his position is on possible issues and refusing to give answers is not what I want on the Supreme Court. If this allegation is true, like Nikon, his cover-up is not acceptable and should disqualify him immediately. Come on, candidate, give us real answers, not more bs. As a citizen we would not be allowed to get away with such meaningless and circular answers if we were before a court or definitely before a Congressional hearing.

  • bpai99

    I have to give Trump credit for attacking Kavanaugh's accuser via the argument that if it happened 36 years ago and no one reported or questioned it then, it must be suspect. After Trump accused Ted Cruz's father of involvement in JFK's assassination 53 years afterward and also challenged Barack Obama's birth certificate 53 years after it was issued, it takes some nerve to be that much of a hypocrite and not be ashamed in the least.

    Kudos to Trump, no wonder American evangelicals love him so.

  • James Renn

    Trumps irresponsible comments pertain to a possible sexual attack on a 15-year-old girl years ago, a time when any teenage girl would be petrified to come out against any male accused of attacking her, Especially a well heeled , upper class white male, Trump is so out of touch with reality it’s unbelievable, considering he has multiple sexual predator accusations lodged against himself, which he categorically denies them all, it’s almost unbelievable he would even utter the words that he did. But then again that is Trump , and any sexual attack against a women is most likely fabricated or exaggerated by the woman, , VOTE 2018, 2020.

  • Truthfully

    Remember Women and Sexual Assault Victims this is your future if men like Kavanaugh and trump continue...………….Even in Arizona Gosar is being brought Down by his Siblings.

    When Party and Family become so Bad that you have to SPEAK OUT!

  • Prophet With Honor

    Does hé actually know nothing of reality or is it all an act?

  • Richard Smith

    When you think he’s gone as low as he can go, he breaks out a shovel.

  • lou g

    Why would anyone be surprised at Trump's words about sex offenders? He was accused during the campaign and after being elected. He declares them all false.Trump won't badmouth an accused sex offender because it would back lash against him.