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  • Lola Tooley

    Democrats will rule, Republicans left President Trump get away with not answering the questions about the Russian Investigations! He never answered questions about 2 affairs, he supports North Korea and Russia, not our Allies! His wall idea is crazy, he is irrational at times repeating different answers to the same question! President Trump support men who gave themselves up to crimes to the FBI. His Son looked to dig up "dirt on Mrs. Clinton." President Trump went way to easy on Russia after interfering with our 2016 Presidential Election! He strips National Parks, and the Endangered Species Act. Won't allow our Country to be part of Climate Changes in meetings!

  • brad

    The Dems are their own worst enemies.

  • F D

    If the Dems were smart, they would back a candidate like Tulsi Gabbard. I don't agree with all of her politics but she's a war veteran and you can tell that she truly cares about her country and places that above party.

  • snake

    Don't snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory! Register and vote for your Democratic candidates on November 6th.

  • Bill Toone

    Lines are long on Election Day, especially in cities.
    If you VOTE EARLY, you avoid the long lines.

  • Prophet With Honor

    It's a two way street.
    Pence was here yesterday to rally for an incumbent Congressman. Appearing with them were the Governor, a Senator, and another member of Congress...all Republicans.
    The total crowd turnout was about 300.

  • Debra

    Remember 2016. Too many overconfident Dems stayed home instead of voting.
    The result was the ignorant, psycho man-baby currently in the WH.
    Be forewarned!!!

  • AG99

    Don't be counting your chickens just yet. A lot can happen in 45 days. Just ask Hillary.

  • Fatesrider

    I would feel a lot better about the validity of a vote if electronic voting machines were banned. They can not verify the accuracy of a vote, and can be easily hacked (it doesn't require an Internet connection to do that). Worse, that hacking leaves no trace that it happened.

    This has been the case ever since they were first introduced. Most states ban them. Five states use them state-wide. NJ, DE,SC, GA, and LA. Nine states use them in select counties: PA, IN, KY, TN, TX, FL, NV, AR, and MS.

    It's easy these days to use a combination of gerrymandering, "fixed" EVM's and poll hour manipulations to deprive people of fair representation. It becomes a lot more difficult if the EVM's aren't there, and that lack of a verifiable vote is eliminated.

  • justamaz

    The GOP could be doing a much better job and Trump could start looking Presidential. Having said that, the Dems have been taken over by radicals and have no chance of going anywhere, except with that small radical liberal base(the one's who like MS-13 and Antifa, but don't like ICE or the police)

  • Reply

    It's somewhere between amazing and pathetic how much money PACs spend on campaigns. Try contributing even 1/2 to something tangible like local school districts or food pantries and see how that would make swing voters smile.

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    Yup... overconfidence = 2016 repeat. Vote like your country depends on it!

  • Gary Burns

    This joke of an administration will be handed a referendum on this inept numbskull of a president this Nov.

  • Bill Toone

    Even a "high" turnout would be about 55%.
    That is a disgrace.
    Especially with early voting (short lines).
    Just do it.

  • TexasVulcan

    I urge those who are "optimistic" to realize that it all depends on Democrats and independents and women coming in force to VOTE.

  • cooolonetoo

    And the media previously reported such optimistic results prior to another election...

    No similarities here! Lol

    Because these reports ignore reality. Try as it may, the media cannot sway all voters, only the weak minded that believe everything they read in the media. All others, who gather their opinions based upon fact, and results, vote otherwise.

    Is a nice spin though, because the media ignores every election lost to non-peogressives. And promotes each that wins, trying again and again to paint a picture. There is reason the 16' elections lost so many governorships, judges and ultimately the POTUS. And those voters who voted that way haven't changed their views yet from the 8 years of Progressivism under the previous administration. Try again in another 4+ years... Sorry to bust all the collective progressive bubbles out there. I still remember the news media's befuddlement when results came in that night... Anyways

    It is, what it is...