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  • Yooper2053

    The study referred to is a very poor reference to make the statement in the article, (as if it was a conclusion of the study) that "one in four women who are seniors say they have experienced unwanted and non-consensual sexual contact since entering college."

    The study quoted in this article is not a representative survey, It is clearly stated In the executive summary of the government survey. Read the study, please!!

    The authors of the study make this statement:

    "Importantly, neither this sample of nine schools nor the data collected from the students attending them are intended to be nationally representative of all college students or institutions of higher education."

    However, since the survey "results" supported the narrative being pushed by the reporter, these inconvenient facts are left out of the reference. This is how "fake" news happens folks!

    The 9 colleges sampled for the study represent 0.12% to 0.19% of colleges in the U.S. The colleges sampled are anonymous....hmm, I wonder which 9 of the 24 agreed to be a source for the study? Be nice to know. The study was to evaluate the survey's effectiveness; NOT to actually take a survey.

    The government study group started with a list of about 7,600 schools that are surveyed by the Integrated Post secondary Education Data System (IPEDS) to identify schools that would be potentially eligible to participate in the CCSVS Pilot Test. Per Wikipedia, in 2014-2015 there were 4,627 Title IV degree conferring schools in the U.S. Of those 7,600 schools 1,264 schools met the criteria for the study. Schools were then characterized by size, geography, location, 2yr or 4yr degree, and then a selection was made to represent the different types of schools and experiences that students may have; not to be a representative survey!! Through this selection 24 schools were invited to participate in the pilot study, and 9 schools agreed to be a part of the study. The school names, etc. are kept anonymous, so it is not a transparent study.

    So 9 schools out of 7,600 equals 0.12% of the total IPEDS schools, and 0.19% of the Title IV degree conferring schools in the US.

    Let's see some better facts to substantiate the magnitude of the problem of sexual harassment and abuse on college campuses. I do not condone or support sexual harassment or abuse at all, and people that engage in this behavior should be held accountable.

  • Thomas

    I don't want any school to investigate any allegations of sexual assault. Sexual assault is a crime and needs to be investigated by the police.

    Only after the police complete their investigation and the decision concerning charges are made should the school get involved in their own investigation.

  • Sally

    So a researchable fact that accused college men have sued colleges and prevailed for being denied due process was removed.

    Like it or not our US Constitution guarantees everyone accused the right to due process and colleges and universities are denying it.

  • Mike Hogan

    What they're really saying is that, generally, men don't sexually abuse women. It just doesn't happen. Any woman who says otherwise is lying.

  • John Springer

    He showed gumption and perspicacity in not kowtowing to his liberal peers. I am sue she is proud of him as well.

  • John Springer

    The challenge today is dealing with leftist fanaticism and zealotry. They feel so self righteous they justify any of there bad behaviors. They feel any means justifies their perceived self righteous ends.

  • John Springer

    She is bringing rational and intelligent leadership to the Dept.

  • Black Knight Fool

    This is deliberate and blatant fake news. She is changing it so that the judicial system handles rape allegations rather a handful of radical feminist in the University.

  • 01denese

    Can we get a plan to protect us from Republicans?

  • Warden347

    Garrett and DeVos -----GO AWAY!

  • Rubber Banned

    Sexual assault is a crime and should be prosecuted as such, with the rights of the accuser and the accused both protected. There should not be a separate standard on college campus' shaped by stereotypes and bias.

  • Truthful Opinion

    And Trump says it's scary times for young men in America. Women of America this just shows that your current government don't give a flip about you. So sad!!!

  • TechnicalFallVictory

    1) Rapes are convicted at a higher percentage than burglaries. If 1 out of 6 have been raped (and that is a highly, highly questionable statistic) - then why are only 7 out of 1,000 convicted? Could it be that when the facts are laid out - some men were simply falsely accused?
    2) Women grope and touch just as much as men. When I was growing up more than a few women would "grope" me - it was just considered flirting in my book.
    3) I don't know on this - but I agree, if that's the case, that needs changed.
    4) Exactly. Look at the Duke Lacrosse team. They were all kicked out of school for a false allegation. There is a football player at Indiana University that just today got kicked out of school and off the football team. The woman says she was raped - the guy says it was absolutely consensual sex and that they had had sex more than 20 times. The woman is automatically believed and the guy lost a full ride scholarship. If he's telling the truth, it doesn't matter.
    5) That's a very odd post. Girls should always report if they are raped - and I think 99.9 percent of Americans would love to see the rapists castrated even. Rape is a felony with a hefty prison sentence. Also, rape cases see convictions at a higher percentage than burglary cases. Did you shame a
    girl into silence, because I sure haven't.
    6) This is sure to make liberal heads explode. The mentality these days is that if a woman says something, anything, it's the gospel truth. Facts prove that's not necessarily correct, just as it's not correct that all men are truthful. A baseless allegation should not ruin a person. We see it far too often - especially in universities. Rape is a felony, and carries a hefty consequence. So, if one is raped - I can't stress enough how vital it is to report the crime immediately.

  • WhosVoice

    I understand this is an important story but I think Betsy DeVos profiting from State run child trafficking should be a bigger story.

  • jake

    It's a bitter pill for women when DeVos wants to make it harder for women to come forward when they have been abused/assaulted.