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  • Crypto Database

    Just another entitled liberal thinking she can go around doing whatever she wishes and finding out the hard way that you can't.

  • Derek Roberts

    Why does she want to go to school in a country that she's boycotting? "I don't like Israel... I think I'll go there and let them teach me."

  • StormWizard

    So she bad mouths a country then wonders why they don't allow her to go there....hmm..

  • Tal Keetna

    Why does the US continue to support the apartheid regime of Israel? The Netanyahu govt has only increased the oppression of Palestinian natives, treating them like criminal suspects in their own homeland, and aggressively occupying more and more of their territory. If any other country detained a US citizen it would have hell to pay.

  • rick315

    "Detained"!!....ooooooooooo BS and classic fake news. She was refused entry into Israel which is a right every couintry has and appealed the ruling instead of "undetaining" herself and returning to her home in Florida and she chose to remain in Israel in a condition of ooooooooooooo"detention"ooooooooo while the appeal was pending..................for a whole week!! What was the alternative? to let her roam Israel albeit her Gobbels like spewing of anti Israel propaganda? Double BS! The article reeks .....ABC .has probed the depths of BS news

  • Sir Real

    Boycott. Divest. Sanction. (BDS)