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  • Red Hawk

    A better question is to considering the timing of Peter Smith's death (just after Comey is fired}, was he silenced?

  • Thomas

    Journalists need to refer to him by his proper term of address

    Disgraced General Flynn.

  • Zed52

    Give it up guys.
    The GOP has won.
    There is nothing we can do.
    They brain washed half the nation and the rest of us are powerless to do anything.
    As long as you're white and middle class you may be able to scrape by.
    Just make sure you wear a crucifix on your lapel or a chain and you'll be able to walk around freely to scavenge for food.

  • Army Brat

    Trump is right there was " No Collusion " what there was is conspiracy to affect a US election and they succeeded

  • Dr. Gurnicus Blanstonius

    C'mon... why do we care about this stuff any more? The economy's good, short term GOP goals are being met.. we got 2 conservative supreme court justices, social issues like women's health and victimization are being pushed back, we're holding big Nuremberg-like rallies with stadiums full of media-hating white people...
    Who cares about 'how' Republicans got into power. Who cares about a decade of obstruction by congress including saving a SCOTUS nomination for the next Republican president.
    Who cares about virtues such as integrity, honesty, compassion, honor and intellectualism?
    We got what we wanted!!! (now..let the pendulum swing)

  • Manuel Hernandez

    SO wished these had turned up before the poor fellow died.

  • sixstrings

    were the Russian hackers affiliated with the Russian government?

  • WhosVoice

    Flynn working with Russia & Turkey gets hired to the Trump campaign.
    Manafort working with Russia get hired to the Trump campaign & hand pick Pence to be VP.
    Papadopoulos working with Russia get hired to the Trump campaign
    Page working with Russia gets hired to the Trump campaign
    Over 80 undisclosed meeting between Team Treason & Russia
    but you keep screaming about Hillary, Benghazi & Pizza.

  • TechnicalFallVictory

    Well that is a great big story with absolutely no information of worth. But, I guess if you can say Trump and Russia in the same article, you'll get the clicks.

  • Alex

    When will the Republican Party accept the fact that Donald Trump ran a criminal campaign!?!

  • Citizen123

    So many connections between Russia and the Trump Campaign. Was there anybody at this point working for Trump who didn't have Russia ties?