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  • notorious


  • bb1040

    I can not believe the people who plan something like this and then tell other people about it........I would think the last thing you would do is tell somebody else about what you plan to do.........Like they said below "His elevator doesn't quite reach the top floor." That is how almost every one of these nuts get caught, and yes that is a good thing.......But what about that one out there that doesn't tell anybody ? That is the one we really have to look out for....the smart nutcase ....who keeps everything to himself and tells nobody....

  • FasterBadger

    His elevator doesn't quite reach the top floor.

  • Baa

    You know most people reading this article didn't care that he was building a bomb, all they wanted to know was he a democrat or republican. Both sides were disappointed to find out he is a Sortitionist.

  • JuPMod

    Really? This guy and his group support electing politicians through a *lottery*? Great way to allow a chance for extreme far-right or far-left radicals to get into office. No thank you.

  • SnoopyDog

    So he wants to put everyone's name into a hat and just have a drawing???

  • reality25

    "Rosenfeld adheres to an ideology called Sortition, which advocates that government officials should be selected by lottery rather than popular vote, according to the complaint."
    "Sortition"? That must be a new version or branch of "radical Islamic terrorism".