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  • eeriesponsiple

    Review time is a courtesy, not a constitutional right that (no pun intended) trumps free speech. FBI has had reasonable time to review. Give them a publishing deadline and tell them to ignore it at their own peril.

  • molimelight

    Trump's minions needed less than a week to investigate sexual assault allegations against a Supreme Court Justice nominee but they need more than two months to review a book.

  • Weather3014

    He got fired from the FBI for multiple instances of "lack of candor" . Translation: he lied. I am betting they hold on to his manuscript until they can check out every story and you can also bet that if charges are ever brought against McCabe, the contents of this book will be used against him. McCabe is any lawyer's nightmare of a client.

  • MidwestKris

    i wonder if it has something to do with the fact that the midterms are in a month?

  • RededWhiteandBlue

    You can still get your copy of "Liars, Leakers, and Liberals". It's on the NY Times best seller list.

  • vabelle2010

    As a victim of McCabe’s nasty and vindictive actions. He probably wanted to get this book out before he is charged. Because of his retaliation against me for filing an EEO discrimination complaint, I was financially emotionally and physically ruined. I lost my house, the job I loved and my entire savings. I was deemed homeless by Pennsylvania. I had to apply for assistance from Pennsylvania. The damage didn’t stop with me. My family was devastated. McCabe is NOT A VICTIM. He targeted me and other highly competent Counterterrorism & Counterintelligence Agents & Analysts, with policies & laws broken in all of our cases. He was allowed to become the monster he is today & he pushed extremely dedicated & ethical Agents and Analysts out of the FBI for. Myself, Fred Humphries, Mike Dick, Jeff Pelaez, Tim Gill, & so many others. He probably thought he’d get preferential treatment because he thinks everyone loves him. FBI employees had full fledged parties when he was fired. I have no idea how he is explaining the fight on terror & having never been a case agent on any terrorism case. He has only supervised. And flipped out on those of us who had approx 7-9 years working Counterterrorism. It’s from that group that he picked FBI employees to be targeted & destroyed. Vicious retaliation.

    My book will show what it’s like to be an actually real Counterterrorism Special Agent/Supervisory Special Agent. And it will show the McCabe regime dates before he was an SES.

    You are getting what you deserve. I personally will sit in the courtroom when you are indicted & going through trial. You are a liar & you most certainly are not a victim. You have brought such shame to the FBI. You tried to decide for the American people who should be President. And the best of all is you FAILED.

  • Me again

    Wait isn't that Ford's lawyer with him?

  • Not2pc4U

    Gee who would have thunk, it only took him a weekend to go thru 700,000 emails, reading them from top to bottom, what could be taking so long. I am betting he will be waiting long long time, hell it will give him something to do in Gitmo.

  • flatrock

    McCabe has memos that he wrote to memorialize things other people said, yet he didn't bother creating one when he authorized the leak of information about an ongoing investigation? Wouldn't that be something that should have been written down so that the person he authorized to leak the information couldn't be falsely accused of doing so illegally if the leak were investigated?
    For that matter when it was investigated wouldn't McCabe seek to correct his oversight and take responsibility for a leak he authorized.
    Nah, he made no record, and denied authorizing the leak, leaving his subordinate who had absolutely no legal authority to approve a leak, on the hook for it had the IG believed him. McCabe is a dishonest slime-ball. I wouldn't place much credibility in any book he wrote. But if it doesn't contain obvious inaccuracies (incorrect facts rather than opinions), classified data, or information involving pending cases which he learned about as part of his official capacity, then allow it to be released. Allow him to speak his opinions to any who are willing to listen, but make sure he gets the facts correct.

  • HTD

    Animal Farm 2018? Wonder who plays the role of the meany Big Pig.

  • Wedotoocare

    Shouldn't he be in jail already? Complaining about political bias, isn't that rich?

  • Dennis Finan Jr

    this dude is going to jail. broke every rule you can think of

  • Sharon Vaughn

    Comey had to go through a process by the FBI before his book A Higher Loyalty could be published, to make sure he didn't include anything classified or confidential that could subsequently threaten National security. He understood the process and accepted it. McCabe sounds like he wants to make sure EVERYTHING is out there for the public to see, regardless of how it would effect security. Woodward's "Fear" came pretty close.

  • RettasVegas

    November, we will remember.
    Putin's puppet is going down.

  • darfut1

    I guess book writing these days are far more profitable than a government pension.

  • CrossfireHurricane

    What is the penalty if the book is released without FBI approval?

  • sixstrings

    I wonder if it has something to do with the criminal referral made by the IG back in April?