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  • travis Dejesus

    If you arrested every Chinese spy in the world, you could populate a fairly good size city with them. Of course when you Apple, Google, and Walmart willing to sell their souls for Chinese profits, who needs spies?

  • Bertd

    China calling for fair treatment and respecting the rights of the accused .... HaHaHa, that is laughable. Hey China, how is Meng doing? Have you killed him yet?

  • janta1

    With Obama at the helm, China had a field day. Now it is not so easy

  • Gumby4417

    On the one hand, China's denials of espionage and stealing US trade secrets are ridiculously hollow. On the other hand, so are Pence's protestations about China's interference in US elections, given the Trump administration's reluctance to do anything about Russia's much more massive campaign to influence our elections.

  • TexasVulcan

    China has a lot of nerve demanding that their people be treated right here. They don't even treat their own people right in China.