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  • leezee

    Honestly, if you really want to make a difference, particularly in the US, fund programs that provide education and vocational opportunities for the black men. Support employment opportunities for them, too. I don't mean this is not a good endeavor, but why not add this to your efforts?

  • sixstrings

    I laud the Obama's for their efforts and this post is not to criticize them.

    they're good people with good intentions.

    that being said, we're going to have a rude awakening in the next couple of decades when we realize how much we systematically ignore young men in our society.

    young men of all stripes are falling through the cracks and into bad situations at an alarming rate in this country and hardly anyone seems to notice, let alone care.

  • Gumby4417

    Note to "Il Duce" Trump: this is what a foundation is for - not paying your personal debts and campaign expenses.

  • TexasVulcan

    I saw Michelle Obama on TV this morning. She's a really nice, well-spoken woman. I wish her luck with this new initiative. Education is the key.

  • Not_easy_being_green

    Trump loves to compare himself to Obama...still... So lets compare the current state of their foundations:
    We just read about Obama's (assuming people still read the articles).
    And here is Trumps:
    June 2018 a civil lawsuit against the Trump Foundation and its board members ordering, among other requirements, that it be shut down and that restitution be made by its board members. The office also referred possible legal violations to the Federal Election Commission and the IRS.[31] The following month, the New York State Governor's chief counsel announced that Governor Cuomo was ready to provide the state's Attorney General's office with the requisite criminal referral in the matter for possible criminal prosecution under state law.

  • AlexaGuyer

    Stay tuned, tomorrow Melania Trump will launch her girls education campaign. And then do nothing.