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  • Ward Cleaver

    Has it been two months already? That's about how long trump typically takes between these claims of "I'm not ruling it (and interview) out.)

    Why a louse.

  • Army Brat

    Meanwhile the Chief Justice has referred complaints about Kavanaughs testimony to another Federal District

  • Ima Knut

    Hey, whatever happened to Giuliani? Mouth fall off?

  • Ptah

    Sure he will, and while he's at it he'll publish his Tax Returns.

  • Chuckie M

    Don't play with my Heart Donnie. We know your lying, you sack of poop. Go ahead; DO IT.

  • Wrecking Ball

    No one believes a word he says so why even post a story like this?

  • mollydtt

    Say anything. Do nothing. The GOP is there for you, Donald. They won’t even notice when you run over them with the world’s largest bus.

  • snake

    But said that "we'll see what happens" to Attorney General Jeff Sessions future after the ballots are cast.

    TRANSLATION: I'll fire Sessons on Nov.7th and nominate Lindsay Graham for AG. Lindaay will kill the Mueller investigation and I'll never do an interview.

  • TexasVulcan

    So the answer is "maybe". Got it.

  • OneMoreYes32

    Sure. He's fine with talking to Mueller now. His SCOTUS is packed and ready to dismiss any charges against him. It's amazing how mob bosses find anyway to buy judges.

    I likely won't live to see the American people have a Supreme Court again.

  • MAPGO59

    As my late Dad would say "I've heard ducks fart before" ;)

  • ogrot

    Trump: You know I'd really love to meet Mueller for questioning. I've been saying this for years, but you know I just have all this executive time. My agenda is just full of it. The other day I had to have my hair done for hours and I missed a phone meeting with President Xi. They said I needed to look presidential for it and then the hair lady just had me sit and wait for hours while I tweeted on my phone. And then she took two minutes and put a comb through it. She said it was the most beautiful hair she ever did see, can you believe that. She had done hair for over a century and had never seen such glorious hair. It's amazing when you think about it. Anyway can't wait to meet Mueller. Any day now they tell me.

  • Real Deal McNeal

    He's said this before, using pretty much the same words. He didn't do it before why should be believe he'll do it now?

  • Bill2000

    Now that Kavenagh is on the court trump probably feels safe, above the law

  • Redd Menace

    Action means more than words. Trump is full of words.

  • Nearl56 12

    I feel like a Cow, chewing my cud.

    How many times must Trump float this nonsense? Meet, don’t meet, have the lawyers provide written answers that you sign.


  • Weazerdogg

    Yeah, whatever. Set a date and time ... and see how many times it gets pushed back. Say like Novemberish, 2020 ....

  • RettasVegas

    Trump's so dumb, his obvious lies & actions to obstruct justice are the nails in his coffin.
    In plain sight he thought he could be Putin's puppet, and for many in the GOP that was fine with them, just just get them a POTUS they could use to pass extreme bills that would otherwise never pass, to Hell with the majority's will, the GOP's toxic white alt's are in charge. (till November..)

  • Smedley D Butler

    No, DonFather, they ought to pursue it down the rabbit hole. You've been dangling that interview out there a long time now, did you touch bases with Rudy before redangling on Fox? Why not just save Mueller the trouble, fess up, and face the firing squad. The nation want's to move on from it's first Quisling President.

  • Bluejay

    They might not need him to do an interview any more as enough people that were close to him flipped so they've been getting a tone of Orange Dirt without him!

  • Aimee

    An interview with all the same pre-conditions the FBI had to investigate Kavanaugh.

  • mollydtt

    Trump makes promises like this all the time.

    He has no intention of being interviewed.

  • Kirby

    Of course he doesn't rule out an interview. The moment he does Mueller is pretty much done, the probe wraps up and the the report is released to Congress just before the election. Republicans will work furiously to hide it from the public and Democrats will release the juiciest bits with smirks on their faces.

  • Not_easy_being_green

    He'll do an interview with Mueller, right after he releases his tax returns, and shows us the "proof" he found out about Obama with his PI's in Hawaii (I think they are still there)
    "I have people that have been studying it and they cannot believe what they're finding," Trump said an interview - April 2011
    I'm literally growing old waiting for these "hard to believe" findings.

  • Rubber Banned

    Quoting Trump is a waste of time.

  • John Barron

    More lies, before the election.. I will release my taxes sound familiar? Or "He can't release them because of audit". Another lie.

  • Bronx

    More lies. If he wanted to talk to Mueller his lawyers could long ago have picked up the phone and arranged it.

    Another sentencing happened yesterday,Richard Pinedo, and it wasn't for lying.

    Additional evidence came out separately that a deceased Mr. Smith who was actively trying to get
    Clinton's emails from Russians he thought had them was closely tied to Flynn, and there is email
    backing the accusation against both Smith and Flynn -- email that shed a little light on Flynn's trip to Moscow and dinner with Vlad.

    NSA uncovered new 'secured' and nonetheless captured communications between top campaign people and

    He's lying. He won't talk.

    P.S. Kavanaugh will be the only USSC Justice that will try to protect him. Roberts still has his dignity
    and a personal mission of preserving the integrity of The Court.

  • Bob

    My guess is that when Trump sees how bad the GOP does in the midterms, he will lash out and start firing people. Then would be a great time for Mueller to come out with a blitzkrieg against Trump. Nail POTUS!!

  • dan

    There is a reason he wanted his very own Supreme Court Justice.

  • Matt

    where's Rudy?

  • sg

    he keeps saying that and keeps going back on it.

  • TrueBlue

    He's lying again. It's what he does.