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  • Birmingham Jail Cell

    'F35 development' has been around since the 90's. I have an old friend who worked for GD/Lockheed for decades, usually on the fighter wings. He told me all sorts of 'horror stories' about the production of the F35... long after the fact.

    Not the most regal of 'American birds,' but I still marvel at the blood, sweat, tears and brains of American ingenuity roaring over Fort Worth against a crystal blue Texas sky.

  • The Outlier

    The F-35 is an unstable piece of garbage that puts every pilot flying one in mortal danger. At this point, after the continual problems with the F-35, we should be looking to recoup funds from defense contractors for gross incompetence, defrauding taxpayers, and putting this nation in danger.

    Reference the recent discovery by the Pentagon that ALL of our military's electronic warfare systems are vulnerable to hackers. ALL of them. I think raw profiteering and poor oversight have led to a defense industry that is more concerned with slurping up tax dollars than getting their jobs done. I think we no longer have core competency in advanced technologies in the defense industry. I think a serious review of defense spending is called for. It's bad enough that we spend so much $$$ on defense-- the things we buy should work, for crying out loud.

  • Erik "QJ" Jarandson

    Considering that even the most modern ejection seats cause an instant acceleration of 12 G, to the brink of causing compression fractures in the spine, and sometimes even over the brink, I'm not sure "safe" is the feeling one is left with after the experience. Still, all things being relative, and the alternative being what it is...

  • P'Thizikil

    You just can't expect that a cheap, trillion-dollar plane would hold together just because it is new. The Pentagon should get a refund. If your car crashed after leaving the lot and it was due to mechanical failure, would you just fix it and move on, or would you want to wring the dealer's neck? And then return the car because a fault that soon didn't bode well for the future?

  • George Lucas

    Serious question - ater a jet crashes, how do they figure out what went wrong? Surely most of the jet catches fire or is otherwise severely damaged with parts scattered all over the place, so how do they know what exactly caused the original problem?

  • EK the greek

    In other news f-35s scraped in favor of updating older planes while gen 6 (drone) planes get built

  • Tegbessou Géléhéso

    Did a single mishap stop Orville and Wilbur?

  • Chakan2

    When are we going to stop throwing money at that flying garbage can.

  • Eteamer

    Only way to stop a pilot with a bad fuel tube is a pilot with a good fuel tube.

  • helios


  • TexWho

    Most expensive; in acquisition, maintenance, and operation; fighter ever built.


    A TRILLION dollars spent on this project ALONE and we have nothing to show for it. We waste untold amounts of money on crap like this at the expense of NOT having affordable healthcare. It's sheer madness.

  • Robin Shuman

    We've come so far since the Wright Bros., We the People can spend $100,000,000 on a single plane that can't fly. The Regressives are winning !

  • RG

    Isn't this trillion dollar jet basically just a lemon? Nothing but problems from day one.

    A compromise aircraft packed with features, i.e. more complexity, to satisfy all the services. Bad idea.

  • Ruspert

    The modern day turbine engines should be the most reliable component on the aircraft and not subject to problems such as fuel lines. It sounds like a cover up story to keep the criticism to a minimum while the real cause is found or kept secret..

  • brotherbart

    Okay...let me get this straight...there are "good" fuel tubes and "bad" fuel tubes. Why are there bad fuel tubes, and if you know/knew they are bad, why are they in the fleet at all? I want good fuel tubes, not bad fuel tubes. BTW - I want two engines, not one.

  • Gumby4417

    It's a shame this happened, but this sounds like a problem that can be fixed. More troublesome are the ongoing problems they've had trying to get all of the systems on this very complicated aircraft to work together and link up with other aircraft and the airborne and ground control/radar systems. The technology is supposed to give everyone in the system a view of what the others are seeing, but it has never worked quite right. The costs of trying to deliver on the promises for the aircraft keep going up - way above what was promised by the manufacturers.

  • JDC1

    With the amount of tech that’s gone into those jets it’s kinda funny that a fuel line is grounding the entire fleet.

  • Thomas

    Sounds like a reasonable action to take.

  • Rubber Banned

    That aircraft might be the biggest military boondoggle ever.

  • Ruspert

    Waste of time and money, scrap it and forget the huge cost, that is water over the dam.

  • CoTrey

    Sure seems like we've got some folks in this comment section who think they know better than our military. It's being blown WAY out of proportion. They said they'd only be down for maybe a day. Come on now, let's not get carried away.

  • Paul Iannello

    so wheres the records on the retrofits for this faulty part?? really...down the whole fleet??..is anybody paying attention...