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  • kritikosman

    Great! #cooltoo

  • reality25


    "Colin Kaepernick is a horrible role model, anti-American, evil and unethical".

    "Kanye West is a great role model for our kids, a pro-Trump stable genius and a credit to his race".

  • IntelligentAmericansResearchit

    Beautiful man, inside and out. We could use more people who inspire us to be better people. Well deserved.

  • RettasVegas

    ''The arch of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.'' MLK

  • Truth-B-Me

    The Republicans and their followers just don't get it! They believe that the fake president says this is disrespecting the flag, that's how stupid they are led by their leader and his administration. Harvard the most intelligent school in the nation with the highest standards that Trump and his followers do not have,

  • cowdogpete

    Was there really no one that deserved it more than Kap?

  • OneMoreYes32

    The Nike ad is hypocritical. He sits at home with that $40M of guaranteed money. Poor guy just sacrificed everything didn't he.

  • FasterBadger

    It appears he stood to accept the award.

  • Suspect Everything

    Really, how low can you go!

  • Jan515

    Pretty sad a highly thought of University like Harvard would honor someone like Kaepernick who disrespected our flag and National Anthem which is a slap in the face to any American. Kaepernick not only disrespects the men and women who served our country, but the fine men and women who protect us in law enforcement.

  • TechnicalFallVictory

    With those role models, why would anyone think the black community has issues? I mean, Kaepernick should certainly be honored for wearing socks depicting police officers as pigs. He absolutely should be honored for donating 25,000 to the family of a convicted cop murderer who shot an officer in the face, at point blank range, killing him. She was found guilty by a jury and was sentenced to prison, but she escaped and fled to Cuba and Kaepernick was so caring and loving when he tweeted happy birthday to her. Now that's a great role model.

  • WhosVoice

    This article will bring out the trolls.

  • ken rice

    Well that pretty much tells you where the mentality at Harvard is.