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  • Joe V

    This incident validates the original design concept of using manned capsules located at the top of the booster, which allows for a launch escape system. If something goes wrong the capsule can separate and land the crew safely. The space shuttle was an inherently bad design. If something went wrong during a shuttle launch the crew was most likely going to end up dead.

  • Furrmin The Cat

    "That means it could have moved into the path of the falling first stage."

    If the first stage was beneath and behind it what does this really mean?

  • Fatesrider

    The astronauts described being in freefall after separation. The problem is that the second stage booster didn't fire. That would have brought the two into contact as the first stage continued to burn itself out while the second stage failed to achieve a safe distance.

  • YouSayWhat

    No matter what country or who, I think it is amazing that the backup emergency plan was a success and there was no loss of life. Imagine being 40 miles up in the sky and all of a sudden there is a Ooops. They came back to Earth safely and lived to tell about it even though I would imagine there is some disappointment in not making it to the ISS.

  • MrNiceGuy

    The state of America is dismal. I blame it on greedy people that have no concern for their fellow Americans.

  • RobertJohns

    Is there a link between this event and the hole in Soyuz Capsule MS-09 that Roscosmos says was intentional sabotage?