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  • MVRocks

    Oh please. Macron sees Trump for exactly what he is. An immature, needy, vicious, narcissistic child, but more importantly a fascist to the bone, so he plays to that. One kind word or deed and Trump gushes your praise as his close personal BFF but one slight, real or imagined, and he's trying to tear your throat out. It's not hard to work someone like Trump. It's like having a pet crocodile.

  • Dukedaddy

    I pulling for President Macron. I hope his attempts to take sense to Trump work. I doubt they will but I can hope, can't I?

  • Manuel Hernandez

    It is really simple. America will prevail with its wishes. I don't blame Macron for trying but it is not very relevant. In sales, we influence people who BEHAVE emotionally or personally with logic, and those who only act with cold logic we appeal to their emotions. Macron is doing the opposite of in fact what he needs to do and with a position of weakness given the size of his nation. My opinion only.

  • Life's a River

    Apparently, Macron failed to provide the ladies for Trump's entertainment like Putin did.