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  • gs12

    I bet she disappears.

  • 666

    Since this law was created to curb ill-gotten gains. And all gov't funds are acquired illegally, how much of their own assets have they frozen until they prove it wasn't obtained by extorting citizens through "taxation" aka theft?

  • Furrmin The Cat


  • Sasha Payne

    Glad to see that ABC is 100% committed to attaching a video to EVERY article. /s Sheesh!

  • Bree Zee

    Released on bail...they won't be seeing her again.

  • Colinalcarz

    Does the US have a similar law? If not we should! Which new congressman wants to sponsor a bill?

  • Rich

    My gosh, so many comments involving CSI terms. Is
    It possible we are frustrated lawyers? Maybe we just watch too much TV

  • Billy Bob Smith

    Okay, so she spent all this money using credit cards. Were the credit card bills paid on time? If so, what was the source of the money? Was she paying off one card with another? Lots of missing answers here.

  • Just4Fun1

    Geez, I thought my wife was bad by having Amazon packages delivered every day.

  • larryx

    I also would like to know where she got all that money, especially maybe it would work for me?

  • TBC

    "Hajiyeva, 55, was arrested last week by British police at Azeri request over alleged embezzlement."

    I'm not saying this woman is innocent, in fact it's entirely likely she's done *something* dodgy to get all that money. However, don't assume pure intentions on the part of the Azerbaijani government. Corruption is the order of the day down there.

  • Tony

    I agree, your wealth should come from legitimate sources. With that said, I believe she should have to wear an ankle monitor, so her whereabouts are known