Prominent former NY attorney general won't face abuse charges


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  • wacos101

    Talking to a woman without prior written permission can be deemed sexual harassment if the woman decides it is. So what can men do? Start accusing women of the same?

  • bflogayle

    But, of course! Rocco Schneiderman is just another name on the list of disgraced NY Attorney Generals. I don't have any high expectations for the newly elected AG either.

  • mostly content

    Doesn't the timing of this seem suspicious? Two days after Cuomo is re-elected? Wonder if these charges would have disappeared had Cuomo lost??

  • Dee breeks

    Of course He'll get off!...He used his PRIVILEGE CARD!...Im not sure if his has an expiration date on the card, so it can be used OVER and OVER, to get out of any Trouble

  • Mic123

    So another in cuomo's admin gets away with many other crimes will he let people get away with? As long as your a dem's friend you can do anything.

  • Thomas

    If he "accepts full responsibility" for his actions why wouldn't it be easy to get a conviction. He would naturally plead guilty.... unless he is not actually taking full responsibility for his actions after all.