'El Chapo's' bid for hugs gets the cold shoulder from the judge


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  • JJ

    Time for this guy to pay the piper.

  • concernedvoter

    Once Mueller puts Trump in Federal Prison he can Keep EL Chapo company ironing Chapos Prison Clothes and giving him lots of Trump love..

  • Cammosutra

    Personally, if he was shot trying to escape, I would lose no sleep over it. Call me a bad person or worse, but considering all he has done including two prison escapes, it is just how I feel.

    As for ANY contact with his wife or anyone else: no, NO!, and Hell NO!

  • Gwa Khaotrakul

    I’ve seen and read this man feature, he’s clever. Giving him a hug of this wife ? Do you think he will send/whisper some sort of information ?

  • MrTonyD

    When I see statements like "the court is constrained to deny it" - it just confirms my complete loss of trust in our court system. It sounds to me like the judge is trying to make it sound like he is unable to do anything - and that he is helpless. When, really, he is choosing not to do anything. Just another example of our corrupt government - I'd vote for locking up the judges along with Guzman.

  • Jiba

    I fired my landscaping guy because he looks just like that

  • concernedvoter

    EL Chapo wouldn't be safe in a Cell With Trump, Trump would Grope him to death. No ones Privates are safe around Trump especially if you fall asleep.. the Orangutang Man is a pig..

  • concernedvoter

    I'm surprised Trump hasn't given El Chapo a huge Hug.. Trump seems to love all these Tough Ruthless Dictator Killers like Putin, Duarte, Kim and Chi.. and I'm sure El Chapo has a few Billion hidden somewhere that Trump could use to pay off Judges..

  • EK the greek

    How about we put him down already guilt isn't at question here just how much time he gets and how much money the us tax payer end up paying

  • James_for_Today

    How 'bout letting him hug his wife with the caveat that a marshal with taser is standing by. That his wife is patted down, explosives-detected, that she is carrying no poisons and metal-detected? That an officer stands close to overhear any conversation? At least it would go down as the most observed hug in history.

  • Mr559rick

    El Chapo's career is over. Somebody should tell him.

  • John S. Henchey

    All he wanted was a hug...Trump would have wanted to grab her by the......

  • Sacredfeminine

    I seriously doubt he wanted a hug. He either wanted his hands free to orchestrate escape, wanted to whisper a directive to her or wanted to hold her as a hostage or maybe worse, kill her. Who knows what psychotic motive he had. He doesn’t strike me as a man capable of feeling love.... He wanted a hug my rear.

  • Thomas Campbell

    The judge had, "sympathy for the request"? I even cringed at that.

  • Andrea Brandon

    Prisoner privileges......get rid of all of them. Jail is supposed to be hard.

  • Hendrix27

    Oh so NOW he's a proponent of "Hugs not drugs"!

  • Omegacron

    Awww... El Chapo wanted a hug.

  • The_Splurge

    Hmmm, they're breaking him down before his trial.

  • L. Gray

    We should stop fighting the drug war now. Its over. Drugs won.

  • Thomas

    A hug from his wife is a privilege. Has this prisoner done anything to deserve such a privilege?