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  • Mydogrules

    It was the 9th Circus Court of Appeals. They are wrong more than they're right.

  • Samit3456

    DEMS leaders are wrong in telling their supporters to confront and harass Republican leaders. If I was a Republican leader, I would hire the toughest to protect my family and privately tell their boss to shoot the women between the legs so their production ends if they even so much as threaten my family. SELF DEFENCE and TOTAL DEFENCE FROM FUTURE LIBERAL BIRTHS.

    There is a saying: You need iron to cut iron. So "Violence to quell violence" thanks to Maxime Walters. My family's safety at any cost.

  • Mydogrules

    There was no rational or legal reason to enact DACA in the first place. Obama did it for purely political reasons: To gain favor with hispanics before the 2012 election. Trump was right to revoke it, and eventually the SCOTUS will agree. That is all.

  • colloguy

    In most cases these are children that were brought here by decision of their parents so it would be hard to argue they themselves broke any law.
    Add to that they have been here for a long time in many cases, hence they are as much American's culture, language and otherwise and any other American.

  • Grrrrrr

    On a lighter note... A federal Judge halted KeystoneXL pipeline construction until a revised study can be done... and knowing how the government works, will take a few years...

    How's all that winning working out for you Republicans? Will Super Kavanaugh swoop in and save the day?

  • CaptnBlynd

    Deferred until when? This is not an amnesty act so when does the penalty come due? While I can feel sympathy for the children involved, the parents must be punished for the crime. Allowing the children to stay is the reward they committed the crime to achieve.
    I have lived thru poverty in this nation going from difficult to literally unlivable. Illegal competition for everything from low cost housing to jobs. The lowest levels of our economy cannot bear the constant increase in competition at their level.
    Without any form of punishment, the crime will continue. With reward, it will continue to escalate, perhaps even faster. "They are poor and hungry" so are many here. Give our starving masses the protection of law which is theirs by right. Deport illegal aliens.

  • James

    9th court is a very liberal court and honestly there is nothing wrong with that. However there must be balance, does the current US immigration laws(not what you feel is right, but what is in writing is) support what, at least the basics what Trump is promoting? (BTW I do not mean completely.) Do people that want to come here have to follow the current laws on the books (EO's that might violate the current laws are not valid no matter what party/president it comes from)? Asylum has a very narrow qualification ramp, and most of the people coming here do not meet it(a be it some do and they should be let in). Anyone else no matter the point of origin should be readily denied and should be required to follow the current laws of the land(no matter how unfair you feel it is) until changed.

  • James Baker

    Trump is only using DACA as a bargaining chip. In a soulless administration with ZERO empathy for people's lives, everything becomes a bargaining chip. All these people are heartless and soulless - Trump, Ryan, McCarthy, McTurtle, Lindsey Graham and the worst neo-nazi of them all Stephen Miller. To these brown, yellow, red and black skinned people are a threat instead of seeing them as contributing members of society.

    I blame the framers of the constitution to not see this and give 2 senators to each state. This means 28% of the population (mainly rural, ignorant and white) elects 62% of the senate. At some point there needs to be a constitutional amendment to give states with more than 20 million people a third senator to level the playing field a bit.


    Why not let the taxpayers in that district pay for daca until the real supreme court blocks it?