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  • Polly_Sigh

    So they all stuck up the exact same hand at the exact same time and "wave-saluted" the exact same way. Ok then, that answers that!

  • scott graham

    It wasn't a Nazi salute image at all. Never was outside the medias fantasy world.

    This is what fake news is all about. It's a nothing story. Made up facts...well not facts but a good thing that the media can spin without actually having any facts that increases the country's blood pressure just to get people to tune in.

    A bunch of white people in a group photo waving goodbye to their parents on the way to prom becomes a Nazi salute. Is it? Isn't it? How could these horrible people raise their hands like that?

    Tune in a seven for an in depth report.

    Now later when actual journalism occurs, you know asking the people there what was up, you find out it wasn't a story at all. But the media just continued the made up conversation about the racist white power threat in the country. Using kids waving to their parents. Over nothing.

    Not only does it reflect badly on these kids....but it continues a conversation that emboldens actual white power nutjobs that are actually Nazis. And like the guy that just offed a bunch of Jews in Pittsburg this tiny insignificant group of jerks that no one likes or wants to have anything to do with are part of a national debate. Their ideas are out there like it was the sixties again, the last time these guys were an actual threat in any other sense than lone wolf attacks that law enforcement who has done an awesome job infiltrating these losers stop 99.999 percent of the time.

    In a country where millions of marginalized people (and spoiled people that just feel marginalized) are walking around with both undiagnosed/untreated mental disorders and easy access to guns....yeah it's a good idea for the press to stir everyone up-especially about race- on a non story.

    You wonder why these mass killings are getting more and more common? That's why.

  • Bloemberg

    The photo went viral. Now, the question is, what message did the photo send to all those young people who saw it?

  • ReviewTheFacts

    Cautionary tale: CONTEXT! Some people see what they want to see whether it's intended or not.

    Kids waving goodbye doesn't necessarily equate to a Nazi salute.

    So, to all kids everywhere, in every photo from this point on will wave goodbye with BOTH HANDS to placate those that might take it as a Nazi salute. Problem solved, unequivocally.....until, that is, a two handed wave equates to some other nasty circumstance.

    God, human beings are self-conditioning!

  • kaymichigan1

    You've got to be kidding. A wave???

    Just admit they're doing the Nazi salute and deal with it.

  • Sophie Rose

    I can see teenage boys doing something like giving the NAZI salute just to annoy the photographer. WHAT I don't get is WHY the photographer posted this particular photo on his website? If it had been me, I would have retaken the photo minus what he calls a "wave" and destroyed this photo.