John McCain's outsize impact on the Arizona senate race


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  • Forward forward

    I disagreed with Senator McCain on most issues, but he usually seemed to have America's best interests at heart. He and I just came to different conclusions on how to achieve those goals.

  • Bob Crabbs

    Why don't candidates run on their policy issues, instead of tying themselves to President NationalSecurityRisk? These candidates have no desire to unite the nation. They want to divide the nation instead. Let's keep doing the right thing and watching out for each other. President NationalSecurityRisk needs to do his part by resigning immediately!!

  • beingcurious

    I recall McCain's funeral, where his daughter said her father never called for making American great again because "he always knew America was great." The attendees erupted in spontaneous applause.

  • Prophet With Honor

    She is fickle. Backed away from McCain in the primary and embraced Trump.Backed away from Trump and envoked McCain later. Total absence of convictions.

  • Red Hawk

    Rep. Martha McSally refused to answer Trump call to say she lost due to voter fraud.