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  • ivory69690@yahoo.com

    Cases like this go to both state and feds and they together deside the time in jail

  • adamrussell

    Doubtful. If he has a pardon then he is in no jeopardy. So a 2nd prosecution cannot be double jeopardy.

  • Nala

    a convicted felon with a gun and trump expects to pardon him over and above the STATE CHARGES???? this will ELIMINATE states rights! ! !

  • Erwin Schrodinger

    I can see the argument...

    Interesting that Mueller has held off on prosecuting some charges... maybe those could be left alone and pursued solely at the state level? I am sure there are many Manafort actions that they could reinvigorate and launch at the state level and not pursue at all at the federal level... so many to choose from.

  • Jake real Jake

    Donnie Jr. no pardon. Is he the stupid one or is it Eric?
    Lock Him up!

  • John S. Henchey

    Looks like Trump got his boy, Kavanaugh, in there just in time.

  • FlaGirl

    I think the two sex abusers on the Court will be in favor of more power for the orange sex abuser. So hopefully the decent man will make sure that the Russian profiteer's charges in state and federal courts do not overlap. Not to name names or anything.

  • Cammosutra

    It is interesting the court would even take this case.

  • GayEGO

    If SCOTUS makes a partisan decision in favor of Trump, they are violating our justice system.

  • snake

    With this Supreme Court it won't take long to make the president an absolute monarch. How will they undo such a ruling when a Democrat is in office? Will they need to do what Wisconsin and Michigan are doing by changing the law when that occurs? It won't be long before we are a Banana Republic.

  • Truthfully

    The use of a pardon should be used very Carefully.

    Trumps offering his pardons for crimes committed against the American Citizens by trumps crooked friends.

    What could go wrong?

  • John Springer

    It does seem unfair to me .

  • FriendSmith

    Wouldn't trump's pardon of a friend who won't testify against him be proof of obstruction of justice?

  • Ctrygrl

    Don't see how this could possibly apply to Manafort. Breaking state laws and breaking federal laws are an entirely different thing

  • Matt

    Terence Martez has the resources to take his case all the way to the Supreme Court?

  • Thomas

    I am surprised this is even an issue. Double Jeopardy applies when a person is convicted of the same crime -- meaning the same action applied to the same statute.

    In a state and federal case, while the action is the same, the statutes are different and the governmental bodies involved in separate sovereignty -- States handle state issues and the Feds handle Fed issues. Each government body conducts their own separate trial as, rightfully, there are two separate statutes that have to be proven in court.

    We already have instances of, at the state level, of people being convicted of separate crimes based on the same action. Chris Watts killed his wife and two daughters but was convicted of five separate murder charges. Killed three but charged with murdering five. The reason this is legal is that despite it being the same set of actions, there are separate statutes that were violated. This does not count as double jeopardy.

  • Not Fancy

    Double jeopardy would not apply to separate and distinct state charges that were not litigated by the feds.

  • Sacredfeminine

    This is the case for which he te ruited Kavanaugh.

  • WGS

    seems like it could be a major downgrade in states' rights, etc. further usurpation of local authority by the federal government and all. "same offense"? well, i'd think that offense is determined by law, and that separate law thereby creates separate offense - which would be the separate sovereigns mentioned.

    seems like once again logic and law might not play nice together....

  • Frank

    Weak analysis. The case allegedly strengthens Trump's power, but the Trump administration is fighting against it. Seems like you're missing a piece of the puzzle here. Or making up a story to scare readers about boogeyman Trump pardons.