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  • Thomas

    The prosecution should not have to be ordered to allow the defense to have access to evidence.

    The prosecution should be about justice but often seems more concerned with conviction.

  • ML

    Protesting is every individual persons right and I am all for peaceful protest. I am NOT for placing yourself into physical harms way for a protest, committing an illegal act (such as blocking a road) for a protest, or forcing someone else to react in any physical way (like halting traffic) for a protest. If you do the crime, you should do the time! If police rounded these people up and put them in jail, maybe there wouldn't be a next time. It's outrageous that these people even considered blocking a major highway to even be an alternative! Protest at the mall, protest in front of the police station! But on the highway? Very dangerous and not smart!

  • Mellonhammer

    These protestors are protesting the death of a man who very possibly instigated a shootout in one of the largest malls in the U.S. during a black Friday sale... We don't know the facts yet, but there's at least a 50% chance that I'm correct. No one knows because the videos haven't been released. But they are going to look mighty dumb (not that they'll care) if it turns out that they are protesting the death of a man who helped arrange a pre-meditated violent meet-up in the mall.

    My own views on this come from having heard the defense attorney for the man currently being prosecuted for being one of the participants in the shootout.

  • JJ

    Thank goodness that hasn't happened in LA... lately.

  • AwfHand

    When you block the highway that I'm travelling so you can promote your cause (right or wrong) you're not winning me over.