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  • oldschool

    This is out of control with a week of non stop reporting to the exclusion of real news and the slow motion following of not 1 but numerous transportation's of this poor dead presidents body by Hearst, train , plane and hand carried casket.Thankfully he can now rest.

  • FleurdiLisa

    George and Barbara Bush were regular Houstonians. They went out to eat, went to the theatre, sporting events, the park. They visited schools and hospitals. They talked to anyone who spoke to them - even if it meant rarely enjoying a meal all the way through without being interrupted. They not only attended St. Martin's, but they were part of the "welcome committee" on Sundays who would hand out coffee and donuts to parishioners between services.

    It's like we all lost a beloved neighbor. He just happened to be President once.

  • B Free

    I was in College Station. Such a wonderful tribute to this great American.

  • Dee

    I was in Magnolia, Texas today when President Bush passed through...what an awesome, emotional day. We will miss you President Bush. You were one of a kind.

  • GG™

    CAVU, Mr. President. I hope you are holding Barbara’s hand and playing with Robin.

  • Ted Mittelstaedt

    One thing I think the Founding Fathers forgot to put into the Constitution was a requirement that any President be a former military serviceman or woman. A C&C who has never served has no moral right to order servicepeople in to die.

  • Michael M

    The picture of the men standing in the bucket of the tractor and saluting is the one that got to me! May he RIP!

  • RJTexas

    God bless Sir.

  • Jamie Vetter

    Is this the longest funeral in the history of the world?

  • Citizen123

    A fitting tribute to a life well lived. May you rest in peace.

  • Guest 99

    ABC news. You should be ashamed at the comments made by your staff during the funeral. THIS is why the USA has come to despise the media.

  • Verity Pendelton

    The whole state funeral from start to finish was amazing.

  • Nala

    the squatter in the oval office is not worthy to sit there

  • BeesKnees

    At least he's with Barbara again.

  • foldincaulfield

    President George H.W. Bush remembered as 'a truly beautiful human being' at Texas funeral

    Indeed, who could forget his beautiful "thousand points of light" in Iraq.

  • brubble

    Donny the other day again tried to make it all about him and tried to get spotlight by rolling in with a motorcade how pathetic and disrespectful. And during the reading of the Apostles Donny didn't participate. It went from Donny doesn't like to read anything longer than one page to reading only parts of it to none if it.

  • Indie6050

    Another of the "greatest generation" who we have lost. My dad served on the USS Missouri in WW2. Just coincidence that his ship bombarded Okinawa, some 25 years later I was stationed there while serving in the AF

  • Educated

    These Republicans in Congress continue to ignore this failed President's policies. They hate Obama more than they love the country.

  • BassPlyr73 Again

    Saw the plane yesterday circling for final approach. It's the closest I've ever come to seeing a President in person, and it was pretty moving.

  • Traveler1

    I only wish the country had seen the friend, father, person HW was in private. In public his patrician demeanor and what appeared to be aloofness from the lives of everyday Americans did more to cost him re-election than his no new taxes pledge.

    I remember watching him in news conferences and thinking to myself, "he just doesn't get it."

    If I remember correctly there was an incident when he went to a supermarket(food prices were on the rise) and it turned out he didn't have any money on him. His aides always paid for anything he bought.

    There is also evidence that he pardoned two people involved in Savings and Loan debacle to keep his son out of prison. He was, as we all are, imperfect.

    Yet, he was a loving. loyal husband, father and friend. That in itself is a wonderful legacy.

  • carrollfamily

    It is sad to lose such a noble man. Rest in peace