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  • CaptnBlynd

    There is no reason I should have to point out that anyone can search and get a graph of the DOW for the last few years.
    Stocks are not down in long term.
    January 6 2017 19,963
    January 2 2018 24,824
    Today 25,027

    %25 over 2 years is not enough for you?

    BTW Anyone who believes that our markets will continue up while South America falls into ruin is a fool. Of course, I have always considered anyone who would invest in a market which would drop due to the arrest of one tech company executive foolish. Stocks should be valued on assets and profits of companies. Stocks are valued by the price stocks are selling for. Stick your money in that slot machine if you want. A paid off modest home will generate very satisfactory internal profit. So pay off your mortgage.

    Average monthly rent in US $1,200 (one of the low figures I found)x 12 = $14,400 not going out per year on average.

    I realized return on investment of over $14,000 not investing in the market this year. What did you make on stocks?

  • mtntrek3

    Well, we have tax breaks, mainly for big corp's and the top few percentile along with some deregulation of banks (the big $ boys and girls applaud)... and tariffs thrown into the mix for good measure. So,market bubbles increase along with main street not doing so well. Not good...

  • Mick

    Anyone with half a brain laughs at Trump behind his back. Trump is a running-joke of planet earth.

  • Mick

    We have nothing to worry about because Trump is a "genius" and is smarter than everyone in the world. After all he was so good at running his business and only went bankrupt 6 times stiffing 1000,s of contractors and their family's. If you thought that was bad wait till you see what he does to the economy.

  • mm

    The market people are so fragile, the slightest hint something is wrong and they pull the money. It will recover because they are gamblers and addicted to playing the market.

  • Save America from Ourselves

    Let's put tRump's biggly brain and "smarter than everyone else" mentality in REAL FACTUAL TERMS:

    * Trade Deficit - Oct & Feb of 2018 recorded the highest and second highest deficit since Sep 2008 (GW Busch)
    * Tariffs - Bringing in billions of revenue (taxes), paid by importer (mostly US companies) with majority paid for by consumers NOT the exporter (China, etc.). How's that tax cut working out for the middle class?
    * Some farmers are struggling to survive do to tariffs.
    * Consumer costs are rising in some industries.
    * Healthcare costs continue to rise.
    * Pharmaceutical prices are skyrocketing.
    * Unemployment flattening (4.1 to 3.7 for the last 12 months)
    * Jobs creation slowing (last 22 months under Obama 4,598, fist 22 months under tRump 4,252, in thousands)
    * Stock market volatility - percent change 23 months into term (Obama +44.7%, tRump +25.6%)
    * Approval rating - tRunp 42.1% (lower than ANY President since WWII, 23 month into term)


  • Citizen123

    These market gyrations are not healthy for investor confidence.

  • Starderup

    The Orange Moron is lucky that trading was halted Wednesday, or the bloodbath to all our 401(K)s would have been worse.

  • Donnie Dumpster Fire

    The dow's crashing, it's only a matter of a few more weeks of all the bad vs crooked poker players trying to back out of the saloon, guns drawn, looking for the closest exit before the bloodbath begins.

  • lainsmo

    What a wild ride. Still, I'm happy for any bounce that lets me short some of my lesser stuff.

  • owthathurts

    All aboard the latest dead-cat bounce!

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    A crazy market reacting to an insane administration. The Chaos President is exactly what stock market hates. He brings, uncertainty and ignorance to the process, both of which cause massive disruptions and the wild swings we've been seeing the past month. Trump's tariffs are harmful because of their potential for hurting profits but the most severe harm is caused by the unknowns created by what appears to be an out of control leader who can reverse course in seconds.

  • SJC

    Trump is determined to get us in a trade war.

  • Troyal

    2 hours ago people were acting like the sky was falling. Dow and S/P almost even on the day, NASDAQ finished green. Yesh.

  • Look_Again

    I'm sure everything will be fine. I mean, it's not like the market is over artificially high or anything....

  • Manuel Hernandez

    The people who trade stocks need to get a grip. Selling off because some exec got fingered is dumb. They need to trade based on the balance sheet of the Comapanies they are trading. This is SO self fulfilling it's terrible. I don't have a penny in the stock market and am SO happy.

  • Former Earthling

    Meanwhile Trump is gloating about his 50% approval rating from one right leaning rasmussen poll.

  • mollydtt

    What do you expect? The GOP congress keeps telling Trump “that’s good. Real good.”

    Each member is afraid that if they don’t, Trump will banish them to the cornfield.

  • Former Earthling

    Really tired of all this winning.

  • Steven E

    Now Trump can claim credit for the economy, as this collapse is all his doing.

  • Former Earthling

    Putin's agent is doing a superb job. I see a russian medal coming his way soon.

  • Bobo McStevens


  • drathvedar

    Trump says that if not for the Mueller investigation his approval rating would be 75%. LOL He's so stupid he doesn't even realize what he's saying.

  • Kristin Sweedler

    Is this the first time Wall Street has realized that what Trump says is basically random?

  • xToddrick

    Why isn’t Trump tweeting about this?

  • mollydtt

    If only Trump would quit talking, and refrain from proving every moment of every hour that he is woefully inadequate to the job—perhaps (perhaps) the GOP could tell him he is wrong. I won’t hold my breath,however.

    Hold onto your cash. It’s going to get worse.

  • Nala

    no no no no - the entire worlds stock markets have been dropping since Monday starting in the Japan market - the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD are naming trumps trade war SPICIFICALLY

  • drathvedar

    Shutting down the government must be making America great, huh?

  • Ann

    Keep running that yap Trump

  • My two cents

    Whew. I'm tired of all the 'winning'.