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  • Mike

    Putin, Stalin and Lenin would be so proud of the New Soviet Republican Party.

  • John Springer

    They elected "governors" t I hought thought the new legislation would apply to any governor henceforth. Not sure where they find these silly opinion pieces they try to pass as serious journalism. It goes way beyond reporting to mere slanted propaganda.

  • Gumby4417

    The GOP gives us a lot of lip- service about democratic ideals and the constitution, but the reality of what they actually do is very different. They have no respect for the citizens of the US or our democratic ideals and institutions- they only respect greed, avarice, bigotry and power. They are now on their way to becoming irrelevant, as their base becomes a smaller and smaller portion of the total electorate. Good riddance.

  • Thomas

    What has happened to,what used to be, my party?

    This is not the GOP that my family and I voted for over the decades. The party has changed and not for the better.

    Speaking only for myself, of course, the party no longer represents my viewpoint.

    The GOP used to be a lot better than this. Never perfect, but not this bad either

  • Tom Joad

    Wow, could they be more transparent?

  • jake

    No doubt many people that vote republican today do so because they have always voted republican. Unfortunately, the republican party of today is very different from the republican party of 20 or 30 years ago. Voting out of habit is no excuse for voting for hate and fear mongering politicians today. Residents of Wisconsin and Michigan that voted republican must want this type of person representing them - they voted them into office. That's shameful.

  • Don Roy

    True Trumpets. Look after yourself and your own interests. Cast aside democracy and the betterment of mankind. Their God is Trump who is all knowing in their pathetic minds.

  • mikevietvet68/69

    the republican party in general is made up of lowly rich people who have no regard for the wishes of the people who voted them out,maybe the dems should start a recall effort and be done with these clowns.