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  • cm

    Any Drat that has a fences around their many homes and does not vote on all the money our PRESIDENT wants and needs for OUR WALL needs all their fences torn down, PERIOD!

  • jo

    Could the author include some limited analysis using facts? Such as explaining where are borders are weakest based on the known # of people and illegal goods that come through?

    It seems disingenuous reporting to re-state the Executive Branch agenda but then fail to report the larger story.

  • hickjustice

    Trump should just lie and say he built the wall. His cultist followers will believe him and the rest of us will save billions of tax dollars that can be applied to more important projects like infrastructure.

  • wheezer

    2008: Leader McConnell vows to make Obama unre-electable
    2018: Leader Pelosi same goal.

    same shoe, different foot

  • Former Earthling

    We'll see if Dems can finally grow a pair. Stand-up to this white supremacist.

  • AlexaGuyer

    For the past two years I have been complaining that the GOP doesn't have the 'stones' go up against Donald Trump. I am thrilled to know that a WOMAN is in charge now and has them.

  • Army Brat

    Trump created the immigration problem and has refused to fix it . In 2016 the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration package that passed with 64 votes . Paul Ryan said they had enough vote ( with Democrats) to pass the bill . Then came the group of Republican White Nationalist that told Trump to reject the bill . Ryan said without Trumps approval he would not bring the Bill up in the House . BTW that bill had money for a wall

    That’s how we got here today - so now there will be NO WALL

    Shut the government down because it worked out so well for you last time

  • Army Brat

    Republicans if nothing else are hysterically funny : After 8 years of refusing to work with Obama they now ...;wait for it ..,here it comes ...they say Democrats won’t compromise

    Morons !!!

  • wireknob

    For anyone expecting reasonable compromise from Democrats to actually get things done, I guess you can forget it. Just more empty political gestures coming from House Dems.

  • John J Guy

    Well said Ms Pelosi...

    The Idiot in Chief is going to look a little silly the next time that he screams about Mexico paying for his Magic Wall. He can throw Tantrums all day long.

    ....The Democrat majority House of Representative aren't going to be pushing for the Wall!

  • TexWho

    Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who controls the chamber’s agenda, has not brought up the legislation for a vote,...
    now Trump wants to fire old McConnell

  • wdj

    The wall is NEVER going to be built, besides the fact that it is just a dumb idea, there are several road blocks that will delay and up the cost past the ridiculous point it is already at.

  • Army Brat

    Love it about Pelosi becoming relevant

    Let’s be clear : Come January no legislation becomes law unless Pelosi approves it -
    Nothing !!!

    Now that’s what we call relevant

  • T Green

    Pelosi trying to be relevant. What a joke. Better make some more wage laws for StarKist honey.

  • Army Brat

    Trump shouldn’t feel too bad at not getting his wall David Duke will still do a eulogy for him

  • Guest81

    Is he still going on about that wall? No one should ever wonder what kind of "businessman" Trump was.

  • Mr. Coconut XII

    Do we get a tax break if the Gov shuts down?